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The Google Nest Hub is powered by Google Assistant, and while its main purpose is, well, assisting you, there’s a lot of fun stuff it can do, too. We’ll show you how to put your display to good use with games.

Every device that includes Google Assistant has access to a bunch of jokes, Easter eggs, and games. A smart display such as the Nest Hub is great because you can see the games on the screen and use more than just voice—although you don’t have to.

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Note: During these steps, you’ll have the option to say what you want to do out loud or use the touch screen. The choice is yours.

There are two ways to access the games on the Nest Hub. First, you can simply go to the “Games” tab on the home screen.

Go to the Games tab.

You’ll see some categories of games, such as “Top Games for You.” Select a category to see the games.

Go to a category.

Now, simply select one of the games and it will begin!

Tap a game.

The second method uses your voice. Simply say “Hey Google, play games.” You’ll be brought to the Nest “Games Lobby” with some columns of games. Select one to start it.

Nest Games Lobby.

That’s really all there is to it! These games can usually be played entirely with your voice, or you can use the Nest Hub’s touch screen. Some of the games are great for groups of people as well. Just have fun with it!

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