Have you ever had a situation where you needed a restroom, but you weren’t sure where the closest one was located? If so, thanks to Google Maps, you won’t be in the same situation again. You can find public restrooms with Maps, and we’ll show you how.

Find Public Restrooms with Google Maps on Mobile

On an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, you can use the free Google Maps app to find the public restrooms nearby. This app displays a list of public restrooms and also shows them pinpointed on a map.

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To start, open the Google Maps app on your phone.

In the app, to the right of the map, tap the “Your Location” option. This way, Maps focuses on your current location.

Tap "Your Location" in the Google Maps app.

At the top of the app, tap the “Search Here” field.

Tap "Search Here" in the Google Maps app.

In the “Search Here” field, type “restrooms near me” and hit enter.

Type "restrooms near me" in the "Search Here" field of the Google Maps app.

You’ll see a list of nearby restrooms. To view these restrooms highlighted on the map, then from the bottom-right corner of the app, select “View Map.”

Tap "View Map" in the Google Maps app.

All the available restrooms will be highlighted on the map. Zoom in to see restrooms in a specific area.

Public restrooms highlighted on a map in the Google Maps app.

To view more details about a restroom, such as its reviews and distance from you, tap that restroom either on the list or on the map.

Details for a restroom in the Google Maps app.

And that’s how you make the best use of Google Maps!

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Find Public Restrooms with the Google Maps Website

On a desktop computer like Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook, use the Google Maps site to find public restrooms.

Start by opening a web browser on your computer and accessing the Google Maps site. On the site, from the top-left corner, select the “Search Google Maps” box.

In the box, type “public restrooms near me” and press Enter.

Search for "public restrooms near me" on the Google Maps site.

On the left of the site, a list of public restrooms will appear.

A list of public restrooms on the Google Maps site.

And, on the right of the site, you’ll see the restrooms pinpointed on a map.

Public restrooms highlighted on a map on the Google Maps site.

You’re all set.

Do you tend to use your smartphone in public restrooms? If so, make sure you disinfect it properly to avoid spreading harmful bacterias and viruses.

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