Google Slides Image Placeholders

When you’re building a slideshow, you may know that you want to use images but don’t have them yet or don’t have them handy. In Google Slides, you can insert placeholders to reserve the spots for those images.

Create a Slide With Image Placeholders

Whether you’re creating a custom template for your presentation or simply want a slide or two for images, the placeholders are ideal.

With your presentation open, click View > Theme Builder from the menu.

You can select a current slide from the theme to use, duplicate one to retain its layout, or create a new layout. To do one of the latter, right-click the slide and pick either “Duplicate Layout” or “New Layout.”

Select New or Duplicate Layout

Your new slide should be in full view on the right side of Theme Builder. You may want to give the slide a particular name so you can easily recognize it. Click “Rename” at the top of Theme Builder, name the slide, and click “OK.”

Click Insert > Placeholder from the menu. Place your cursor over Image Placeholder and choose the shape you want to use.

When you see the plus sign, draw the shape for your image.

Draw the placeholder shape

You’ll then see your placeholder display. You can move it by dragging or resize it by dragging a corner or edge.

Rectangle image placeholder

Continue to add more image placeholders to your slide if you like. Or create additional slides with unique layouts.

Image placeholders in Google Slides

When you finish, click a slide in the Filmstrip view on the left or the X on the top right to close Theme Builder.

Use Your Image Placeholder Slide

You can use the custom image placeholder slide you create on a current slide or a new one. Select the slide you want to use and then click Slide > Apply Layout from the menu. Choose your custom slide from the grid of options.

Your slide will display the layout and the image placeholders are ready for use. Click one to reveal the shortcut menu of options for adding the image such as upload, search, Google Drive, Google Photos, URL, or camera.

When your image pops in, it will match the shape you selected for the placeholder. You can drag to resize but note that it may skew the image. If you need to edit it, check out how to edit images in Google Slides for detailed help.

Image inserted in placeholder

Whether you’re working alone or with a team, creating a custom theme or just need a single slide template, Google Slides image placeholders let you know exactly where the images go when the time comes.

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