Android media widget crossed out.

Android puts a little widget inside the Quick Settings panel when you’re listening to music or casting media. While useful, sometimes the widgets duplicate or stick around longer than they should. We’ll show you how to easily remove them.

When the media widgets work as they should, it’s super handy. You have quick access to controls and you can even swipe left-to-right between apps playing media. However, it’s not without issues. You can get multiple instances of the same app from different sessions, or they don’t disappear when you’re done.

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To remove one of these media control widgets, first swipe down once or twice, depending on your phone, to reveal the Quick Settings panel.

Swipe down to open the Quick Settings.

Next, find the widget that you want to remove. You can’t remove the widget if the media is currently playing, so make sure to stop or pause it. Tap and hold the widget.

Long press the widget.

Now simply tap “Dismiss” or “Remove.”

Tap "Dismiss."

That’s all there is to it. The media widget will be removed from your Quick Settings. This isn’t something you will need to do a lot, but it is a good thing to know when media apps don’t behave as they should. Keep your Quick Settings nice and tidy.

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