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One of the hallmark features of the Google Pixel series is the classic home screen widget that shows the date and weather. This widget is built-in to the default “Pixel Launcher,” but you may want to remove it.

How “At a Glance” Works on a Pixel

Google calls this widget “At a Glance” and it can actually be added to any Android home screen launcher. However, it’s not technically a widget with the Pixel Launcher on Pixel phones. It’s part of the launcher itself and for some reason, Google doesn’t let you remove it.

At a Glance
At a Glance widget.

There are customization options for “At a Glance,” but it is not possible to remove it from the Pixel Launcher home screen. The most you can do is turn off everything so it only shows the date. No weather, no reminders, no calendar events.

It’s a little frustrating that Google has done this. If you like everything else about the Pixel Launcher, you’re stuck with an unremovable widget taking up space on your home screen. We can do something about that.

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Replace the Pixel Launcher

“Rootless Launcher” is essentially an open-source clone of Google’s Pixel Launcher. It has one thing that Google doesn’t include, though. A simple toggle switch to remove the At a Glance widget from the home screen.

First, download Rootless Launcher from the Play Store on your Android device. “Open” the app after it installs.

Open the app after installing.

You’ll need to make Rootless Launcher the “default” Home app. To do this, open the Settings and search for “Home app.” Select “Rootless Launcher” from the list.

Make "Rootless Launcher" the default."

Next, tap and hold on a blank space on the home screen. The home screen will zoom out, select “Home Settings.”

Go to "Home Settings."

Now all you have to do is toggle off “At a Glance.”

Toggle off "At A Glance."

That’s it! You now have the Pixel Launcher without the ever-present At a Glance widget. It’s a little frustrating that Google doesn’t let you remove the widget. Why force a widget on everyone when Android has so many others to choose from? Thankfully, you can still somewhat get the Pixel experience without the widget.

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