TCL 6-Series TV with Google TV

TCL has announced a pair of new televisions that feature Google TV as the operating system. That means you’ll be able to get all the features offered by the Chromecast with Google TV at the OS level.

TCL’s New 5- And 6-Series TVs With Google TV

TCL announced two different models featuring Google TV as the OS. Both bring slightly different features to the table, but the primary detail is that they come with the full Google TV experience.

First, there are the 5-Series models, which are available in 50, 55, 65, and 75-inch varieties. They feature an edge-to-edge glass design that’ll look clean in any room. These have all sorts of picture quality features, including 4K resolution, support for HDR, variable refresh rates, and so on. For a 55-inch screen, the price is $649.99.

The more expensive 6-Series models feature some improvements over the 5-Series. Instead of a traditional LED display, it features mini-LED backlight display technology. This creates higher contrast and brighter images. For gamers, this model comes with a THX Certified Game Mode that promises to maintain the picture quality without sacrificing latency. For this model, the 55-inch version will set you back $949.99, which is quite a bit cheaper than most mini-LEG models.

While TCL may be releasing a display with Google TV as the OS, the company is not eliminating its relationship with Roku. When we reached out for comment, a TCL representative said, “TCL will continue to sell televisions running Roku alongside Google TV and support both operating systems going forward.”

Where Can You Get One of TCL’s New Google TV Displays?

Currently, the TCL 5-Series models with Google TV are available for preorder now from TCL’s website. If you’re interested in the higher-end 6-Series, the 55 and 65-inch are available for preorder now, and the 75-inch version will follow at a later date.

TCL 5-Series TV

TCL 5-Series TV With Google TV

Google TV comes installed on this TCL 5-Series TV.

TCL 6-Series TV

TCL 6-Series Mini LED Display With Google TV

The TCL 6-Series Mini LED TV with Google TV installed.

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