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The internet is hardly a safe place for kids, but Google announced that it intends to help make things a bit safer for minors by allowing children or their family members to request that images of them be removed from Google search.

Removing Childrens’ Images From Search

Google search is one of the most powerful tools for finding images online. However, with such a massive quantity of photos, there are bound to be some that subject would rather have removed. With that in mind, Google will introduce a new policy in the coming weeks that will let people under 18 request the removal of their images from Google Image results. Additionally, parents or legal guardians can request the removal of an image on the minor’s behalf.

Google is quick to point out that removing an image from search results doesn’t remove it from the internet entirely, but it will help make the photo slightly less visible with it not showing up in search results.

This isn’t live yet, but Google says it will roll out the ability to make such requests in the coming weeks.

Google’s Making Some Other Changes For Kids

Starting with YouTube, Google is changing the default upload setting for teens 13-17 to the most private option.

On Google Search, the company will now default to turning SafeSearch on by default for teens. This applies to both new and existing accounts owned by users under 18.

Google will also improve the security of Google Assistant, turn Location History off for children’s accounts, and it is launching a new section that will let parents know which apps follow its Families policies.

For ads, the company is working to better prevent age-sensitive content from showing to users under 18.

All in all, it looks like Google is doing an excellent job of locking down the internet for young users. Of course, there will always be objectionable content on the internet that isn’t appropriate for kids, but Google is doing its best to keep this content away from children.

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