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Microsoft is testing a new feature that’ll make saving a web page as a PDF a much faster process. It’s already available as an experimental option in an unstable version of Microsoft Edge that you can try now.

How Saving PDFs Will Work

In the current A/B test effort, Microsoft will make saving PDFs as simple as right-clicking a web page and choosing “Save as PDF.” It takes a needlessly complicated process and makes it happen with a couple of clicks. These are the kinds of changes that we love to see. The change was first spotted by a Reddit user and reported by OnMSTF.

Currently, to save a web page as a PDF in Microsoft Edge, you have to use the Print interface. It’s not the most complicated process, but it does feel like it requires an unnecessary amount of time to make something so simple happen.

How to Access the New PDF Saving Feature Now

As mentioned, this feature is currently in the testing phase at Microsoft, so it won’t be available in the release build of Edge. Instead, you’ll need to download the Canary release of Edge (version 94.0.974.0). This is the version that’s uploaded daily, so it may not be stable.

Once you have that version of the browser, you’ll need to head to Settings. From there, go to the Appearance section and click the “Show Save as PDF in Context Menu” toggle to turn on the new feature. From there, you can go to any web page in Edge, right-click, and select “Save as PDF” from the context menu.

Hopefully, this feature comes to the Edge release build, as it’s one of those upgrades that makes sense. Only time will tell if it actually happens, of course.

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