Are there times when you want to see a quick sum or average of your data, but don’t necessarily need the formula result in your spreadsheet? In Google Sheets, you can select the cells and see basic calculations without formulas.

View Basic Calculations in Google Sheets on the Web

Like in Excel, finding these simple calculations takes only a glance in Google Sheets.

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Head to Google Sheets, sign in, and open your spreadsheet. Select the cells you want to calculate. These can be adjacent or non-adjacent cells. Then, simply look down to the bottom right of the Google Sheets screen and you’ll see the Sum.

Select the cells and glance down to see their Sum

You can also view other helpful calculations and numbers here. Click the arrow in the window containing Sum and choose from Average, Minimum, Maximum, Count, or Count Numbers.

Select a different calculation or count

If you do choose another calculation and want to use it for another group of cells, that option will remain selected at the bottom. So you can simply select your other cell range or group and you’ll see the calculation display.

Calculation or count will remain active if you want to select other cells

View Basic Calculations in Google Sheets in the Mobile App

You can view the same calculations in the Google Sheets mobile app. In fact, you have an added benefit on your mobile device because you can pop the formula you see into your sheet if you prefer.

Launch Google Sheets on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and open your spreadsheet. Select the cells you want to calculate. Look down to the bottom of the sheet and you’ll see those same basic calculations in a row. Swipe right to view them all.

See calculations in Google Sheets on mobile

To add the formula to your sheet, tap it, and it will display in the cell at the end of the cell range. You can also tap a different formula and it will replace the first.

Tap a calculation to add the formula to the sheet

To add the formula in a specific cell in your sheet, select, hold, and drag it from the bottom row to the cell where you want it. Release and the formula will apply.

Drag the calculation to add a formula to the cell

If it’s other operations you need, learn how to divide or multiply numbers in Google Sheets.

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