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Microsoft just announced pricing and put Windows 365 on sale, and the company has already pulled free trial signups due to significant demand. It took only one day for Microsoft to max out on freebies, which is quite impressive.

When Can You Try Windows 365 Again?

Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t announce when it would reopen signups for Windows 365 free trials again, so if you missed the boat, you’ll have to be patient.

In a tweet, Scott Manchester, director of Windows 365 program management, said, “We have seen unbelievable response to #Windows365 and need to pause our free trial program while we provision additional capacity.”

As Windows 365 is a cloud-based version of Windows, Microsoft has to have enough power on the backend to keep all the virtual machines running at the specs it’s promising for the various price points. As such, if the company can’t meet the current demand, it’s forced to limit new users for a while.

While the service is technically targeted at businesses, there appears to be a lot of interest from regular Windows users, which may explain how the demand ended up being so high. Or it could be that a lot of businesses are interested in the scalability offered by a cloud-based Windows service.

Either way, we’ll have to wait and see how long it takes Microsoft to open up new free trials again. Hopefully, the company can meet the demand soon, as the hype for the product will inevitably die down, and Microsoft would do well to strike while the iron is hot.

Can You Still Get Windows 365?

According to a tweet from Microsoft, you can sign up to get a notification that’ll tell you exactly when free trials are available. Alternatively, you can pay for Windows 365 immediately and get access to the service right now.

If you’re sure that Windows 365 is right for your business, you don’t need to wait, as Microsoft is happy to accept paying customers. Unfortunately, you won’t get to sample it for free for the time being, but at least you can still get access.

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