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Update, 01/25/2023: We’ve reviewed our recommendations and are confident these are still the best iPad Pro cases you can buy.

What to Look for in an iPad Pro Case in 2023

The 11-inch iPad Pro is made out of sleek aluminum and features a glass front. It’s an awesome achievement in industrial design. But the sharp edges make it susceptible to falls, scrapes, and dents, making your tablet look less than pristine.

While the main point of a case is to protect the iPad Pro, a truly great one will let you do more with your tablet. Most cases on this list will allow you to prop your iPad Pro up for watching movies, drawing, or typing. Other cases will also facilitate holding your Apple Pencil, an expensive iPad accessory no one wants to misplace or break.

But what is the best case to go with? It all depends on whether you’re looking to use your iPad Pro mostly as an entertainment tablet, or go for a laptop replacement. All-in-one cases protect the iPad Pro, or you can upgrade your productivity by going with a keyboard case. You may even want a premium look that matches your premium-priced iPad Pro.

Whatever your preference, we have you covered with an extensive list of the best 11-inch iPad Pro cases below.

Note: If you have a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you’ll need a different case! Head over to our Best iPad Pro 12.9-inch Cases roundup for the right recommendations for you.

Best iPad Pro 11-inch Case Overall: Zugu Alpha

Zugu black Alpha case on grey floor


  • Great build quality
  • Ten viewing angles
  • Full-body protection
  • Two Apple Pencil slots
  • Works as a magnetic dock


  • Slightly on the heavier side

Zugu’s Alpha Case is a great all-rounder, and that is why we have picked it as our best overall case for the 11-inch iPad Pro. Zugu is a trusted brand that has delivered high-quality cases over the years.

The Alpha case is made up of a TPU shell, and it has bumpers to protect your iPad Pro from falls. It also completely protects your iPad Pro, including the sides (which even Apple’s Smart Folio doesn’t do). If the tablet takes a tumble, you won’t have any fears about it hitting something on an unprotected side. The front cover fits the iPad Pro perfectly, and there’s even a flap to make it easier to open and close the case.

What makes the Alpha case stand out, though, is its built-in kickstand. With it, the case offers 10 different viewing angles, which will help you when you’re trying to type, draw, or watch a movie in bed. Not many cases offer this much versatility when it comes to viewing angles!

Zugu’s Alpha case also has two ways to dock your Apple Pencil. You can snap it to the side using magnets or use the dedicated pouch at the back of the case. In fact, the entire back of the case is magnetic. This means you can stick your iPad Pro on any magnetic surface, like a refrigerator, and it will stay there.

The combination of all these features is the reason why the Zugu Alpha case is one of the best around. The only downside is that the case only comes in three somewhat boring colorways: Black, Red, and Executive Brown.

Best iPad Pro 11-inch Case Overall

Zugu Alpha Case

This hardshell TPU case has everything, with air vents, a 10-step kickstand, an Apple Pencil holder, and all-around protection.

Best Budget iPad Pro 11-inch Case: ESR Ascend Trifold

Two iPad Pros with ESR Ascend cases on table


  • Full-body protection
  • Magnetic cover aligns properly
  • The flap protects the Apple Pencil
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Only two viewing angles

Finding a quality budget case for an iPad Pro is not easy. Where were corners cut to get the price so low? Does the case stay in place? Does it align properly?

The ESR Ascend Trifold Case is a quality case that’ll fit snugly on your iPad Pro. It’s a $20 case with a great solution to the cover alignment issue often present in cheap iPad Pro cases. The Ascend Trifold has a magnetic flap that wraps around the side of the iPad Pro and snaps to the back using a dedicated magnet. This means that the cover won’t move about, and your Apple Pencil will be protected from accidental falls.

This is a full-body case with a translucent textured finish at the back. It also comes in a variety of great-looking colors, including Mint Blue, Pink, and more.

The only real downside of the case is the limited viewing angles. Because it’s a trifold case, you only get two viewing angles with a typing mode and a stand mode. If you are okay with that, the ESR Ascend Trifold is a real winner at this price range.

Best Budget iPad Pro 11-inch Case

ESR Ascend Trifold Case

ESR's Ascend Trifold case is a budget case that's simply great. It provides full-body protection, and the magnetic flap even protects your Apple Pencil.

Best iPad Pro 11-inch Keyboard Case: Apple Magic Keyboard

iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard on white table
NYC Russ/


  • Best-in-class typing experience
  • Builit-in trackpad with gesture support
  • Easy to use thanks to the magnetic connector
  • USB-C port for passthrough charging
  • Up to 130 degrees viewing angle


  • No protection for the sides
  • Magnet could be stronger
  • USB-C port doesn't support data transfer
  • More expensive than the competition

Want to turn your iPad Pro into a productivity machine? If you plan to leave your laptop behind, you’ll want a keyboard for your tablet. There’s no better way to do that than to get Apple’s own Magic Keyboard case.

This case is an extension of Apple’s Smart Folio. It snaps to the back of the iPad Pro using magnets, and it adds a full keyboard and trackpad to the mix. The keyboard itself is similar to Apple’s other Magic Keyboards on MacBooks, and the trackpad supports multiple gestures.

But not only does the Magic Keyboard case look good—it’s also versatile. The iPad Pro floats on top of the keyboard, and you can tilt it around up to 130 degrees, which is good enough for most day-to-day tasks. The Magic Keyboard sits beside the Zugu Alpha as one of the few cases that provides great viewing angles for your iPad Pro.

The case also comes with its own USB-C connector that charges your iPad Pro using the Smart Connector, although sadly the connector doesn’t support data transfer.

At $299, the Apple Magic Keyboard is quite expensive. You can find cheaper Bluetooth keyboard alternatives, but you won’t get the same integration or the superb typing experience. Simply put, it’s worth the price of admission.

Best iPad Pro 11-inch Keyboard Case

Apple Magic Keyboard Case

If you want to turn your iPad Pro into a laptop, you can't do better than Apple's own Magic Keyboard case. It's hard to beat with a best-in-class typing experience, gesture trackpad, and USB-C passthrough.

Best Rugged iPad Pro 11-inch Case: UAG Metropolis

red UAG metropolis cover on pink background


  • Established brand for military-grade protection
  • Certified drop-protection for up to 4 feet
  • Flap protects the Apple Pencil from drops
  • Rugged protection in a sleek package


  • Only two viewing angles

Urban Armor Gear’s Metropolis Case is popular because it adds military-grade protection to your iPad without weighing it down or making it cumbersome to hold. The Metropolis is a relatively sleek protective case that’s built with strong materials.

UAG’s case offers drop protection for up to 4 feet, perfect if the iPad Pro takes falls from the desk or out of your hands. It’s is also water-resistant, and the back of the case has a tactile texture that gives your tablet added grip—so hopefully, you won’t drop it in the first place.

The front of the case, on the other hand, is felt-lined and soft to touch. Just like the ESR Ascend Case, UAG’s case has a flap that will protect your Apple Pencil. The Metropolis case, unfortunately, only comes in three colors: Black, Red, or Blue.

There’s one more thing that the case shares with the Ascend case, and that is the viewing angles. You only get two viewing angles for your iPad Pro, but hey, it’s a sacrifice that needs to be made for the sake of ultimate protection.

Best Rugged iPad Pro 11-inch Case

UAG Metropolis

UAG’s Metropolis case provides you with military-grade 4-feet fall protection in a sleek package. The textured back is great for gripping, and it looks great too.

Best iPad Pro 11-inch Case with Apple Pencil Holder: ESR Rebound

ESR Rebound case on grey background


  • Builds on top of the excellent ESR Ascend Trifold case
  • Protects the entire iPad Pro
  • Has a separate slot for Apple Pencil


  • Only supports two viewing angles

ESR’s Rebound case takes some of the best elements from the Ascend Trifold Case and adds an extra slot dedicated to the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil normally attaches to the side of the iPad Pro magnetically, but there’s no protection around it.

The Rebound case extends the iPad Pro case to encompass the Apple Pencil as well. Once it’s slotted, the Apple Pencil will be protected from falls and scrapes. Most importantly, the Apple Pencil won’t fly off somewhere when you try to take the iPad Pro out of your bag. No one wants to lose such an expensive accessory so easily.

Even better, once you drop in your Apple Pencil, it will start charging automatically. You can’t pry the Apple Pencil out from the front, but you can use the slot at the back to safely push it out of the case. The case really keeps the Apple Pencil secure!

The ESR Rebound case comes in Black, Blue, Gray, Pink, Forrest Green, Papaya, and Sky Blue. It’s built using a strong TPU shell and has the standard tri-fold cover. That does mean there are only two viewing angles available, however, so keep that in mind if you don’t plan on taking your Apple Pencil everywhere you go.

If you love using your Apple Pencil, you should get the ESR Rebound Case so that it protects both your tablet and accessory.

Best Case with Apple Pencil Holder

ESR Rebound Case

ESR's Rebound case takes the already great Ascend Trifold case and adds a special TPU Apple Pencil holder at the end. It just has great overall protection!

Best Premium iPad Pro 11-inch Case: Nomad Rugged Folio

nomad ipad pro case with matching iPad and airpods cases


  • Trusted brand for luxury leather products
  • Leather sourced from one of America's oldest tanneries
  • 37 magnets to hold everything in place


  • Only two viewing angles
  • Only two color options

Nomad is known for its premium leather accessories, and the Rugged Folio case for the iPad Pro is no exception. If you’re trying to make a statement, or want something premium to match the feel of your iPad Pro you’ll want to go with this one.

The leather is sourced from Horween Leather Co. from Chicago, one of America’s oldest tanneries. The vegetable-tanned leather will age naturally over time, and it will develop a cool patina that will be unique to your device.

Nomad has clearly paid attention to details that really add to the overall experience. The case is covered in 37 small magnets to make sure that the folio cover securely attaches to both the front and back of the case with a satisfying click and no misalignment.

As this is a regular folio, you only get two viewing angles (typing and stand mode). But that is the only real downside to what is otherwise a fantastic and beautiful case. If you have the cash to spare and don’t mind the use of leather, you won’t be disappointed.

Best PremiumiPad Pro 11-inch Case

Nomad Rugged Folio

Nomad’s Rugged Case is made using leather sourced from Horween Leather Co from Chicago, one of the oldest tanneries in America. Not only does it look great, but it also functions great thanks to its 37 strategically placed magnets.

Best iPad Pro 11-inch Case with Built-in Screen Protector: SUPCASE UB Pro

person using iPad Pro with case outside


  • Military grade protection
  • Easy snap-on design
  • Built-in kickstand
  • No need for a screen protector


  • Only two viewing angles for a kickstand
  • Kind of bulky

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Or maybe just clumsy? Maybe you have kids around that aren’t kind to electronics? No matter the scenario, the SUPCASE UB Pro case is here to protect your iPad Pro’s body and screen from falls and scratches.

Just like Urban Armor Gear, SUPCASE is known for making military-grade cases for phones and tablets. And the UB Pro takes things to a whole different level.

It has a thick TPU shell that covers the entire iPad Pro, including the screen. No exposed corners here! It comes in two pieces that you can snap together to protect your iPad Pro. There’s also a special compartment for your Apple Pencil.

But don’t worry, just because you have a screen protector doesn’t mean the touch screen response is affected. In fact, you can continue using your Apple Pencil without any issues.

The case also comes with a built-in kickstand, but there are only two viewing angles (one typing mode and one stand mode). But if you’re worried about a scratched screen, it’s a more than reasonable trade-off for complete protection.

Overall, the SUPCASE UB Pro is a great way to protect your iPad Pro, front and back!

Best iPad Pro 11-inch Case with Built-in Screen Protector


The SUPCASE UB Pro has a special snap-on design with a screen protector, and a slot for Apple Pencil, protecting your device front and back.

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