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How to Test Drive Windows 8 in VirtualBox


Want to take the next generation of Windows for a free test drive? Of course you do; it’s still got that new car smell. Read on to see how you can combine the Windows 8 developer release with VirtualBox for free next-gen OS exploration.

What You’ll Need

You only need a few things for this tutorial and all of them—the price of good hardware aside!—are free and readily available. Before we get started you’ll need to do:

On the hardware side of things you’ll need a computer with a processor that supports Virtualization Technology (common on modern processors, you can check the documentation for your processor or use this Microsoft tool to check), a decent amount of memory and some spare hard drive space (we’ll be devoting 2GB of RAM and 20GB of HDD space to the our Windows 8 virtual machine). You could attempt it with lower specs, but we’d recommend against it.

We’ll also be using the 32-bit (x86) English Developer Preview. Once you’ve installed VirtualBox (or updated your current install) and you’ve downloaded the .ISO file, it’s time to proceed.

Creating and Configuring a New VirtualBox Virtual Machine for Windows 8


VirtualBox makes virtual machine creation easy; just make sure to follow along so you don’t miss a step. Fire up VirtualBox and navigate to Machine –> New. Click next on the new virtual machine notice window and then, as seen in the screenshot below, name your new virtual machine and select the OS type. We named ours Windows 8 Dev (to distinguish it from the future Windows 8 Beta and Final we’re bound to install) and set the OS type to Microsoft Windows / Windows 7.


In the next step you’ll select the system RAM you’ll allocate to the machine. We’d recommend allocating, at minimum, 2GB of RAM. You can squeeze by with only 1GB but unless your system specs absolutely constrain you to that size you should go bigger for better performance. 2011-09-16_114609

Once you’ve selected the amount of memory you wish to allocate, you’ll be prompted to load or create a Virtual Hard Disk. The default settings are the ones we want (Boot Hard Disk and Create new hard disk selected).


Click Next and the Virtual Disk Wizard will launch. The first step in the wizard is to select your disk storage type. Your options are dynamic or fixed storage. We’re going to go with Fixed-size storage for two reasons—one, this is a development build and we’re not sure if it will play nice with dynamic storage and two, the fixed size ensures it won’t balloon up if anything goes wrong. 2011-09-16_115654

The Microsoft spec sheet for the Windows 8 Development Release indicates you need at least 16 GB of hard drive space. That’s a tad on the small side and we hate running low on space. Since we’re using a 500GB drive in our machine exclusively for virtual machines and software testing, we can easily allocate 30GB to play it safe. We’d recommend you set the size to 20GB at minimum. 2011-09-16_115902

After you pick the drive size, double check the summary before clicking Finish. Sit back and relax while your new Virtual Hard Drive is generated—now might be a good time for a cup of coffee.


When your new Virtual Hard Drive is complete, click Finish to return to the main VirtualBox interface. Now it’s time to move onto the next step, installing Windows 8 Developer Preview onto our freshly minted Virtual Hard Disk.

Installing Windows 8 Developer Preview


Back in the main VirtualBox window you should see the entry you created, such as Windows 8 Dev—ignore the multitude of other installations in our screenshot, we’re huge Virtualization fans.

Highlight your new Windows 8 machine and click the Settings icon (or press CTRL+S). Let’s work down the sidebar menu.


First stop in the System menu. Start with the Motherboard sub-menu and check Enable IO APIC to improve performance for your virtual machine. In the Processor sub-menu check Enable PAE/NX (again, to boost performance). Finally under the Acceleration sub-menu make sure both of the hardware virtualization boxes are checked—VT-x/AMD-V and Nested Paging, respectively.

Now it’s time to attach our boot disk to the virtual machine so we can install Windows 8. While still in the greater Settings menu navigate to the Storage options via the sidebar. Inside the storage menu, click on the IDE Controller\Empty entry in the Storage Tree. In the pane next to the storage tree labeled Attributes, click on the CD icon next to the CD/DVD Drive entry.


A context menu will pop up. The first option on that context menu is Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file. Select that option and, when the file select box opens, navigate to and select the Windows 8 .ISO file you downloaded at the beginning of this tutorial. You should now see, instead of Empty under the IDE Controller, the name of the Windows 8 .ISO file you selected.

There are no more tweaks necessary in the Settings menu. Click OK in the lower right corner to return to the main VirtualBox interface.

Installing Windows 8


Back in main VirtualBox interface, click on the Windows 8 virtual machine. Quickly double check that the Windows 8 .ISO is listed under the storage options—as it is in the screenshot above—then click Start in the right-click context menu or double click the entry to launch the machine.

If everything goes right, you’ll see a sequence of boot screens, and then this blue installation screen:


Select the appropriate language, time, and input settings, and then click next. On the following screen click Install Now. The whole installation, now that the VirtualBox configuration is out of the way, is very straight forward. Accept the developer’s license, select Custom installation (instead of upgrade), the HDD you want to install to (the only one available, the disk you created) and you’re on your way:


When it finishes and reboots you’ll have a few last customizations to make (such as picking a computer name, login, and choosing to link your fresh Windows 8 install to a Windows Live account or use an off-line account. When you’re done, it’ll take a moment to finish preparing everything and then you’ll be greeted with the new Windows 8 Metro UI:


Congratulations! You’re running Windows 8 Developer Preview in VirtualBox. Have fun playing around and, if you discover something new, interesting, or fun, sound off in the comments so your fellow readers can discover and play with it too.

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 09/16/11

Comments (77)

  1. eof

    i tried 3 times install it with 1 gb ram setting and dynamic expanding storage20 gb, i see black screen at end of installation…
    P.S. Windows 7 running on Virtualbox well.

  2. Raju

    Already installed Win8 64 bit on VirtualBox, but unable to fix the screen resolution, and unable to install guest additions to fix that. Will try 32 bit on Windows virtual PC, as it does not support 64 bit.

  3. ChrispyCritter

    You can use dynamic expanding storage just of the things I did that helped a lot when I installed the 64bit version in VirtualBox was to set it to 4 virtual processors. The default setting is one processor and I think that was my hang issues because it hasn’t hung once since giving it more cores and it runs really fast on both 32/64bit. You can only set it to as many cores as your host machine if your processor is 2 cores set it to 2 if it’s 4 set it to 4…

  4. Cambo

    I couldn’t get past the “Expanding Windows Files”. Anyone else? It just hung there forever until I gave up with it.

  5. Sergio

    On my work instal Win 8 but looks like a table make pc =S is not that good, just imagin a tablet with anroid and is the same

  6. Keith

    I tried mapping it to both the 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 8 developer preview ISO’s, but neither of them would work.
    This was the error
    Failed to open the CD/DVD image C:\WindowsDeveloperPreview-64bit-English.iso.

    Could not get the storage format of the medium ‘C:\WindowsDeveloperPreview-64bit-English.iso’ (VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED).

    Result Code: VBOX_E_IPRT_ERROR (0x80BB0005)
    Component: Medium
    Interface: IMedium {53f9cc0c-e0fd-40a5-a404-a7a5272082cd}
    Callee: IVirtualBox {c28be65f-1a8f-43b4-81f1-eb60cb516e66}

    I then burned the 32bit ISO to a DVDR using ImgBurn and connected it straight to my D: drive. It booted and I started to go through setup, however it stuck at 0% on expanding windows files for well over an hour and then I just gave up on it.

    The host is Windows 7 64-bit and a core i7 cpu with all the virtualization stuff turned on in the bios. It’s a shame VMWare workstation 7 will not work with this. I don’t know what Microsoft changed to prevent it from loading in VMWare, but that’s why I gave VirtualBox a shot.

  7. blade

    Keith, download vmware 8 it works with windows 8

  8. Frank

    I noticed very few apps would launch at the default 800×600 resolution. Bumping the screen resolution up to 1152 x 864 (in the control panel) fixed that though. May have been documented somewhere, but I sure missed it.

  9. Jamey

    Raju and I are in the same boat. Installed Win8 32 bit on VirtualBox, working fine. Screen resolution is 1280×800 Macbook 4,1 late 2008. I cannot install guest additions and any change in resolution from within windows 8 are too big. Any suggestions?

  10. _Ron

    Got it working on my laptop with Virtial Box with no problems. Did have to set the screen resolution from 800×600 to 1152×864 as previoius noted. One thing you may want to do is make sure you set the network adaper in virtual box to bridged vs. nat if you want to test out networking with your home network.

  11. Tom Novick

    I keep getting a flashing message after it says Windows developers edition ‘you need to reboot system, press and hold power button’ This is frustrating I really follwed the instructions provided here but cant get it to work. Any suggestions?

  12. bonedog

    Got it installed, Win8 Dev 32bit. I must say first impression is…..I hate it! I have nothing good to say about it. There is no way I would ever consider running this on my desktop.

    Sell it as a touch OS or tablet OS, calling it Windows 8 is a really bad idea. This will never fly in a corporate environment, which is Microsoft’s bread and butter. It’s really ugly too…giant shortcuts all over the screen I have to scroll though? LOL This is the dumbest thing ever!

    Just installed Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity… this freakin rocks! It even found my wireless printer and installed without issue. Although it doesnt want to install my bluetooth dell travel mouse. Not a huge deal. Unity is a really great UI, better than MAC and Windows imo.

    My 2 cents…

  13. wlb

    I installed it with no extra tweaks in VMWare Workstation 8 (just released today) Everything works very well Dev Preview will not install in VMWare Player I kinda like the reset functions raising logon screen and various other eye candy Who knows whats under the hood

  14. Raju

    Seems Windows 8 can’t be installed in Windows Virtual PC, gives a BSOD (the new one!) at install screen.

  15. jack


    Is it bad i sort of want a BSOD to see what the new one is like XD

  16. Ervin

    Do I need vt-x enabled for 32bit version of Win8?

  17. Raju

    This is a blog by Steven Sinofsky on running Windows 8 in virtual environment.


    Hyper-V in Windows 8 Developer Preview
    Hyper-V in Windows Server 2008 R2
    VMware Workstation 8.0 for Windows
    VirtualBox 4.1.2 for Windows


    Microsoft Virtual PC (all versions)
    Microsoft Virtual Server (all versions)
    Windows 7 XP Mode
    VMWare Workstation 7.x or older

  18. gaitch32

    I got it to installed without any problems in VIrtutalbox but have the same problem with guest additions not installing on both 32 and 64 bit. I tried pulling the drivers out of the additions install file and when I installed the video driver the resolution changed but then I lost my keyboard. The mouse was fine and Windows wasn’t locked. I don’t know how these are related but I got to do my first system restore in Windows 8.

    Has anybody else tries extracting the drivers and did you get it to work?

  19. gaitch32

    Ok, a lot of typos in the last post.

  20. Vincent

    Where’d you get the wallpaper on your Windows 7 machine?
    Looks nice :P

  21. Johnny

    Can you cover how to do it with VMWare?

  22. Wesley

    So, with this, using Virtual Box, you can run Windows 8, but then go back to Windows 7 right? You’re not stuck with 8 once you do this are you?

  23. R Troy

    Installed 64 bit with virtualbox. Some issues with ethernet, fixed. Except for the horrific MUTRO interface (great on a 3 inch phone screen, useless on a normal pc screen), amazingly smooth and very fast. Hmm – Win 7 SP2 or SP3, or really VISTA SP5 or SP6. Had no trouble installing assorted win 7 software including MSIE and open office and MOO0’s system monitor (compatibility mode for install since it checks the OS version).

    But the interface – what do they do at MS headquarters, pump grass and LSD fumes into the venitlation system? And why do they need to redo this part of the interface every time they do an OS update? One of the biggest compliants against MS is that they can’t leave well enough alone. We liked the ‘classic’ interface. We got used to the Win 7 interface. Enough!

    Mind you I don’t have an issue with ribbons; well done they can make software easier to use, and as seen, for instance, in Office 2010, are actually beginning to improve productivity, especially since one can now customize some of them. But the MUTRO squares, the apps that open up without close or shrink buttons or scroll bars are pretty much unusable with normal screen and mouse. The apps look like gen 1 Android – big, clunky, buggy and pretty much useless.

    When click on the globe or start button, I expect some reasonable sort of program tree so I can easiy find my apps. In particular I expect little things like SHUTDOWN. Maybe it’s there somehwere, really well hidden. For now I’m using a VISTA gadget to do reboots and the like.

    I have not yet tried to reinstitute the quick launch bar, one of my favorite items that I put back into Win 7. I don’t care that it’s not on by default but for the life of me why can’t MS just give us check markable options to turn on or off the interface sections that we do or don’t want.

    IF MS would let us customize the interface easily, I’d say that this is nice stuff. Not enough for a new OS, but for the next service pack of Win 7. There are are far too many companies out there that are barely on VISTA, if that far. Changing OS’s every few years is just not helpful or useful to most of us. SP’s with some improvements make far more sense. Except that Bill and CO don’t make any money off of them.

  24. kinkfisher

    Keith, I think your iso file may be corrupted — most likely an incomplete download. Let me guess, you tried downloading with Chrome?

    I had the same problem with the WindowsDeveloperPreview-64bit-English.iso file last night, including the VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED error, and could not figure it out. Today I thought of calculating the SHA1 hash of the file, and surprise, surprise, it didn’t match the SHA1 hash provided on the download page. It’s mostly because of an incomplete download, which is a long standing bug in Chrome for large downloads.

    I’m downloading the iso again with another browser… hopefully that works out. If it matters, I’m trying it out on VirtualBox 4.1.2 on a Mac Mini.

  25. Emrys

    It looks like a real bad idea. Too much real estate on screen. It might be ok for pads, but I’m keeping my Win7.

  26. robert

    i followed these steps and i keep getting a message saying pointer intergration is not supported in guest os and then it crashes, tried a few times and it keeps happening. i am using a toshiba qosmio x500,6gb ddr3 ram,1tb hdd,core i7 quad core,1gb nvidia graphics

  27. wlb

    Johnny Howto VMWare

    Nothing special to do just a plain install it all works – again this only works with Workstation 8 not VMWare player. No special settings just select win7 for your guest OS. I actually like the way it looks and the tile screen as it dovetails into how i use a computer for recreation. for working the absolutely horrid desktop of any old unix clone will do :)

  28. Candace

    I installed it on my Acer Iconia tab and it was awful. Very few tab centric features other than a nice virtual keyboard. No auto screen rotation and how are you supposed to use the right mouse button? As well as the previous comments about the horrible UI and apps. No thank you!

  29. Doug

    So far neither of the two dual core machines that I checked support hardware virtualization. If I understand correctly, VirtualBox does not require HW support.
    Anybody care to venture what kind of headaches I might be run into if I try to run Win 8 in VirtualBox on my older dual core machines?

    From some of the whining I read about Win 8, I might be disappointed because it is new and different. At my age, I don’t fall over myself to try new things, but I’ve never seen a new version of Windows that wasn’t a welcome step up from the previous version, and that includes Win Me and Vista. Also, this is a first-cut preview, not an RC.

  30. Jan

    Same experience here. 99% forever. Did you get past expanding windows files already?

  31. Hariks

    Please don’t scare away potential users with requiremet of VT supporting processor. The Ms download page does not mention that.

    Tell me if I am wrong.

  32. Jan

    Second try worked, “rebooting” the virtual box after stopping installation. Then there was a choice between partitions (of the .vdi), partition 0 (about 385 MB) had been created and I installed to partition 1. Bit unexpected, but now I have the much denigrated oversize shortcut screen…
    Is 64 bit win 8 on a 64 bit win7 using virtual box.

  33. Guest

    Win 8 nearly froze my new computer (I gave it too much system resources XD)

    But anyways, yes, Windows 8 is very different than Windows 7 ( and is a little undesirable as-is) but keep in mind that technology is constantly growing and evolving. Windows 8 was not created for a mouse (though it’s still compatible) Windows 8 is being developed with the future in mind. Touch screens are already very common in this modern age; new computer models are still being developed. In the near future, touch screens are going to come pre-installed into laptops and computers (much like webcams and microphones and speakers and mouse pads etc. lolincorrectgrammar.) When that time comes, Win 8 will be a cut above the rest.

  34. Anonymous

    I got it to work in Virtual Box with nearly default settings. It did give me some fits at first, but once I changed the hard drive controller from the default IDE to SATA and reassigned the virtual hard drive to use SATA0 (instead of the default IDE) it seemed to work! Of course, I still have no sound but that may take some more playing.

    Now, you may want to know what my host is and basically it’s a AMD 3-core CPU at 3.2GHz with 4GB of RAM and embedded video (ATI Radeon 4250 on a Asus M4A88TD-M/USB3 mobo). Therefore, with my guest OS (Windows 8) I’ve allocated 1024MB of RAM and even used the default settings of a dynamic 8GB hard drive. I don’t usually enable the USB 2.0 (EHCI) controller due to occasional USB capture problems (yes I have the VB extensions installed) and I don’t share clipboards either. I also did what most others do and cranked up the video memory to 128M as well as enabled 3D acceleration too (but not 2D). But that’s about it and I was able to install Windows 8 directly from .iso and now boot it virtually to see what all the buzz is about. So I don’t know if it’s all that necessary to do everything mentioned in the article. Of course, if you have the bucks to get more hardware to throw at a project like this then more power to you. My point is that you might not need to.

  35. Michael

    I got the same message as Keith – could not deal with the iso file. I ‘m downloading thr 64 bit version and see it my luck changes. I’m new at this – anyone have any other suggestions?

  36. Michael

    The 32 bit file must have been corrupted – 64 bit is working. As far as Win8, I’m staying with 7 also.

  37. barnard

    im running windows vista ultimate on a dell inspiron 531s and tried this just to find out i cant run virtuals on my pc bummer

  38. Kiv

    MacBook White late 2008
    2.4GHz Inte Core 2 Duo 2GB RAM
    Snow Leopard 10.6.8

    VirtualBox 4.0.12.r72916

    Windows 8 dev, 32 bit

    Got it installed, can open Desktop, then open IE to browse the Internet
    But, when I click most tiles, nothing happens. For example, the Weather and Stocks tiles don’t display anything extra… The only tiles that work are Control Panel, Desktop and Windows Explorer.

    Any idea?

  39. Joe

    Excellent Tutorial, first time I ever tried Virtual Boxing and it worked flawlessly, I’m hooked now!

  40. Sunny

    The little fix makes the installation faster.
    On the settings tab, go to storage and then under SATA Controller You ll see you virtual hard drive. Remove that using the button remove attachment. Then on the IDE Controller there is a small button “Add Hard drive” click that and locate you virtual hard drive you created earlier. By doing this your hard drive will come under the IDE Controller. This fix worked for me, I was getting stuck on expanding files but this worked.

  41. Deepak

    Dear All,

    I downloaded:

    1.) : VirtualBox 4.1.2 for Windows hosts

    2.) Windows Developer Preview English, 32-bit (x86) : WindowsDeveloperPreview-32bit-English.iso

    Everthing was moving fine until I got two issues followed by message to close the VirtualBox and contact the support team.

    Error 1.) Immdiately after click of “Start” in “Windows 8 Dev” from “Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager”
    Info Message : The Virtual machine window is optimized to work in 32bit color mode but the virtual display is currently set to 24 bit. ….

    Error 2.) After I see “Windows Developer Preview” on the black screen

    “Your computer needs to restart.
    Please hold down the power button.
    Error Code: 0x0000007F Parameters: 0x00000008

    Any help appreciated.


  42. cityboy2

    Well you all can just Wait till its for sell my question is when will it be ready for sail? Anyone know?

  43. Lin

    Tried it first with dynamically increasing storage, 2 GB ram, and 1 cpu (mine’s a quad). I got the black screen. So I followed the directions re: static storage, adjusted the CPU and Acceleration tab, and the second time it installed fine. (64 bit)

    I still can’t get VirtualBox to maximize the desktop, so I can’t see all of it – settings on right are cut off. I’m a fogey -don’t know what those things like Copper, BitFile are, and nothing happens when I click them. So we’ll find out.

    Now I need to install some files and apps, so I can test that new Windows “refresh” feature. If your apps stay untouched as well as the personal files, then it will be great for fixing rootkits.

    Except – where is the Device Manager? I found it by doing a search, but can’t find it otherwise.

    It seems(to me ;-) that every new Windows version gets prettier and harder to navigate…

  44. Apophus

    I couldn’t get it to install. Encountered message indicating “Your computer must restart” 5 or 6 times before Vbox intervened.

    My processor doesn’t support hardware virtualization. Anyone know that this is a requirement to run this preview?

  45. Robin

    i want to install windows 8 developer edition keeping unchanged my present windows 7 in another drive. can anyone help me how??.,.,i am using hp tm2t convertible tablet pc. Is the iso file that download is bootable??? apology for my weak english…help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….!!

  46. Caymangolfer

    Kinkfisher, I think (hope) that is it, I noticed that my downloaded file was 1.8GB and not 2.82GB, I was just re-downloading it (on Chrome) and saw your post and am now trying it on IE8. I will see how that works now.

  47. Lin


    You cna make a virtual hard drive for Windows 8, using a Virtual …app. The instructions on this site apply to Oracle’s VirtualBox. You can download it here:

    …though I don’t know much about tablets. Putting a Win8 VirtualMachine on a VirtualBox computer requires at least 2 GB (extra( ram, and at least 20 GB (extra) space.

  48. Ryan

    It looks horrific. Please microsoft hire some f’in designers. No, hire fleets of designers. Your tech head gurus just dont get it !!! How in the world do you think an interface that resembles smartphones is innovative. We have big screens and computers for a purpose. Essentially this “OS” is made for a tablet or a smart phone. hey there’s a great idea use this interface for a smartphone, oh yea you all ready did. Don’t copy-cat that piece of siht. Buttons and widgets that look like buttons, whoopy. When it comes to desktop OS, you guys have it mastered with functionality, organization, and customization. Stick to your guns for the desktop don’t mess it up. There is a wide population of mac users that swear by windows7 desktop of macs cluttered P.O.S.. Listen to your community. Yes you may open a slight market W8’s interface and its ‘ease of use’ but leave that to the tablets. Give us tech heads what we want. Massive shortucts so we can play our keyboards like master pianist.

  49. chukkah

    So far, so bad. After getting as far as the “install now” and the “setup starting” screen, it was then decided that “a required CD/DVD driver is missing”. I have two optical drives on my pc and both failed for the same reasons. The drives work well for every other purpose. Why not this application? Suggestions most welcome. Ta!

  50. Bikram

    Ok, windows 8 dev preview got installed on 4th attempt, but it is running very slow. Login itself is taking 5 times the time that windows 7. Finally when I’m getting the Start screen, nothing seem to work other than “desktop” app. When I click any other app’s tile, its splash screen goes full screen and after sometime, that disappears and all I get is green screen. Nothing happens. The app itself doesn’t show up or anything. I finally have to press windows key on keyboard and go back to start screen. Anything I can do to fix this??

    FYI, my guest OS screen resolution is same as the host OS [Windows 7].

  51. Brandon Jones

    Windows 8 is actually for tablets. I listen to a technology podcast and one of the guys on there said Windows 8 is running on top of Windows 7. He also said there was a way to “close” Windows 8 and then just run on Windows 7. I’m just installed it and am logging in now.

  52. kaugoran

    If you want to disable Metro UI entirely, you can open up the registry editor and change the value of RPEnabled to 0 instead of 1 at the following key: (via NeoWin)

  53. Irish_IT

    32bit edition does not work on mine no matter what change i make……Can anyone say Windows ME??? lol

  54. chukkah

    My earlier problem re “missing CD/DVD device driver” turned out to be an uncompleted download of Developer Review and upon re-downloading it all turned out OK (so far!). It’s worth a look, especially with IE10 being in there.

  55. Daniel


    Congratulations to the person/s who wrote the “How to” It was spot on.

    I Have a W7 x64 box and installed VB x64 and used thex64 W8 iso, evrything went exactly to plan and all is working 100%.



  56. Mike-A

    Loaded perfectly for me, absolute breeze. Many thanks for the guidance.

  57. Val

    Works great.

  58. williamwclee

    i think building a vhd test drive by natively booting a vhd and installing windows 8 therein is much easier.

  59. Bert

    Tried with Virtual PC and Virtual box.
    On boot I get the same error over and over again.

    I’m getting error message.

    File: \windows\system32\boot\winload
    Status: 0xc00000001
    Info: The application or operating system couldn’t be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors.

    I get this message with both iso’s (32 and 64)

    I can’t have two wrong downloads…


  60. Bert

    Believe it or not, i had two wrong downloads.
    With new download it works.
    Sorry to bother you all.

  61. JeffS

    I had no problems installing it and getting the turd to work, although it’s not supporting my network no lan adapter driver ugh…junk

  62. naqi

    i am just wondering how controlling it in mouse will be?

  63. mike PL

    If you have error like “Your computer needs to restart” you must enable VT (all VT you can find) in your BIOS – I had this problem and solved that way.

  64. Rhys

    Mike PL, Literally the only person in the entire of history to give me an answer to that question!!

    Thank Youuuu!!


  65. Sean

    Does anyone know if this is possible with Xen? Nothing against Virtual box, I have an existing setup that I want to test this in. Any reply is greatly appreciated.

  66. Vinegar_ben

    I had to change screen resolution in Windows 8 in VirtualBox from 800 x 600 to 1600 x 1200 in order for the tiles to “work” when clicked. This simple adjustment was made in Windows 8 with the Control Panel. (not with VirtualBox adjustments.)

  67. Rhayader

    I’m also not getting any results by clicking on tiles other than Control Panel, Windows Explorer, and Desktop. You click on Weather, or Stocks, or whatever and all you get is a pretty little bounce animation. It’s especially weird with Internet Explorer, which launches fine from the conventional desktop.

    I did install Chrome, and that tile works. No idea why.

  68. Rhayader

    Aha, thanks Vinegar_Ben, adjusting the resolution did the trick. Weeeeird.

  69. Dan

    The 32 bit install went fine, but when trying to launch 8 I got this:

    Windows has a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer.

    Then it talks about maybe a USB drive being disconnected while in use, blah, blah. A restart did no good as did switching the storage to IDE.


  70. Matthew Yankelovich

    Thanks @Sunny, you’re tip solved my issue with the install!

  71. Adam

    I ran through the setup as outlined, and it worked great! The Start menu will take some getting used to, but other than that it looks great. I like that they kept the desktop similar to Windows 7, and I am really liking having the ribbon in Windows Explorer. I didn’t think that would be that big of a deal, but it is kinda nice having it there now. Still got a lot of playing around with some of my programs, but so far I am liking it.

  72. Deepak

    @mike PL : Thanks for a quick silent tip . After enabling VM in BIOS setup my Windows8 is up and running!

    All if you see error like below [details on problem @September 18, 2011 9:09 am Deepak] .
    Goto your comp BIOS setup and enable VM

    “Your computer needs to restart.
    Please hold down the power button.
    Error Code: 0x0000007F Parameters: 0×00000008

  73. sagar

    i dont have acceleration tab on System menu of Virtual Box(which is useful for hardware virtualization),what should i do?

  74. Midusha

    after even a several retries, i m not being able to create the virtual disk image. i clicked the create button and it gets completed to 100% but it again shows summary and gives option to create or cancel. i created again 3-4 times and on doing cancel there is no image. what to do??

  75. Aditya

    Can we copy the data in our HDD (like images,songs ec.) to the new virtual HDD created for windows 8 ?

  76. embii

    giving me error and asking me to restart the VB! what should i do?

  77. embii

    this works much better in VMware

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