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Are you using a different video conference app like Zoom or Microsoft Teams and have no need for Skype anymore? Deleting your old Skype account would prevent people from trying to contact you through Skype. You’re going to hit a snag, though.

Unfortunately, because your Skype account is linked to your Microsoft account, you can’t delete one without deleting the other. Your Microsoft account already includes Skype in the list of connected services. The option to unlink the Microsoft account from Skype disappeared long ago. So, deleting or closing your Skype account will also remove your Microsoft account.

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However, you can hide your Skype ID from others if you don’t plan to use it. Here’s how you can hide your Skype account from search, take a backup, and stop using your Microsoft account to log in to it.

Hide Your Skype Profile from Search Results

If you don’t plan to use your Skype account anymore, you can stop your Skype profile from appearing in the Skype search and suggestions. So, even if someone looks you up by your phone number, email, location, or other details, your profile won’t appear in Skype search.

Open your Skype Profile in a browser. You’ll need to log in to the Skype web to open your profile there.

Scroll down to the “Profile Settings” section and uncheck the box beside “Appear in Search Results and Suggestions.”

Disable the checkbox for showing your Skype profile in search and suggestions.

After this, Skype won’t show your Skype profile in contact suggestions to others.

Download a Backup of Existing Chats and Files Shared

Before you make any changes to your Skype account, you might want to export your conversations and contacts data.

Open the Skype Data Export page in a browser. Check the boxes beside “Conversations” and “Files.”

Select the checkboxes for Conversations and Files shared in Skype profile.

Select the “Submit Request” button to place a request for downloading that data.

Select "Submit Request" button to request your Skype profile's conversations and other files data.

On the same page, you’ll see the option for “Available Exports,” with a “Download” button for your data under it.

Select the "Downloads" butotn to get a copy of your Conversations and files data from your Skype profile.

The “Download” button might appear after a couple of hours or days, depending on the size of the data.

Change Your Primary Email Address for Login

You can’t delete your Skype ID and the Skype account since it’s linked with your Microsoft account. However, you can use an existing email address as a Microsoft account alias to log in to Skype.

For that, you’ll have to add that email as an alias to your Microsoft account. Then, you can log in to Skype using the new email alias with the same Microsoft account password.

Open the Microsoft alias management page in a browser. Select “Add email.”

Select "add email" option to add a new email address as an alias to your Microsoft account.

Select “Add Existing Email Address as a Microsoft Account Alias.”

Select the option that lets you add new alias email.

Type in the email address and select “Add Alias” to confirm the change.

Type in the email address and select "Add Alias" button.

Microsoft will mail you a verification link to that email address. Go to that email address and verify your email address to start using it as a Microsoft account alias.

Next, open the Skype Profile page in a web browser. Select the “Edit Profile” button beside the “Contact Details” section.

Select the "Edit Profile" beside the "Contact details" section in your Skype Profile.

Select the “Add email address” option to add any other email.

Select the "Add email address" link to your Skype profile.

When the box for adding email appears, type in an email that’s not part of Microsoft domains (Outlook, Live, or MSN) and select the “Set as Primary Email” option under it.

Type a new email address and select "Set as primary email" option.

Tip: You can also delete any phone numbers that you’ve added to your Skype profile.

When you’re done, select the “Save” button to apply those changes.

Select the "Save" button to apply the changes to your Skype profile.

After clicking the “Save” button, you’ll get another confirmation pop-up reminding you that the new email can’t be used for recovering your Skype password. Select “OK” on the prompt.

Select "Ok" from the confirmation pop-up.

That’s it!

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