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Gmail offers two ways to get rid of an email: “Archive” and “Delete.” They may sound the same, but there’s a big difference. Unlike deleted emails, archived emails are never completely gone and can easily be unarchived. We’ll show you how.

An archived email is not technically removed from your account; you can still search and find it just like any other email. However, archived emails won’t show up in your main “Inbox.” Unlike deleted emails, they won’t be permanently removed after 30 days either.

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To unarchive an email, you’ll need to open Gmail in a desktop browser or on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Use the “hamburger” menu button at the top left corner of the screen to expand the menu—if it’s not already expanded—and select “All Mail.”

Go to the "All Mail" tab.

This is where you’ll see received, sent, and archived emails in one place. Find the email you archived.

Select an email.

If you’re using the desktop version of Gmail, click the “Move to Inbox” icon in the top toolbar.

If you’re using the Gmail mobile app, tap the three-dot menu icon and select “Move to Inbox” from the pop-up menu.

Open the menu and tap "Move to Inbox."

That’s all there is to it. The email will now be back in your regular Gmail inbox for easier future reference.

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