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You may not think of Google Drive as a place for spam, but it is a real problem. Spammers can share malicious or spam-filled documents with you and they end up in your list of files. Thankfully, it’s possible to block people.

Everything that gets shared to your Google Drive account can be found on the aptly named “Shared With Me” tab. This is where we can block people who have sent unwanted things to you. Head over to in a web browser and find the tab.

Go to the "Shared With Me" tab.

Next, look for the offending document or file that was sent to you. Right-click the file to bring up a menu.

Find the file and right-click.

From the pop-up menu, select “Block”

Select "Block email address."

Confirm your decision by clicking “Block” on the next pop-up.

Confirm by clicking "Block."

When you block someone on Google Drive, it prevents them from being able to share anything with you in the future. It also removes all the existing files from them and any access to files you’ve given them. You can manage who you’ve blocked by visiting the blocklist on your Google Account.

That’s all there is to it! This is a very simple feature, but if you’ve been targeted by spam in Google Drive, it’s a very nice thing to know about.

We don’t see this feature on mobile yet as of its release in July 2021, but hopefully, Google will add it soon.

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