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Here’s a quick, small tip for iPhone and iPad owners that is easy to miss. When you bring up the Spotlight search screen, you can expand Siri Suggestions and get an extra row of results. Here’s how.

First, swipe downward with one finger in the middle of your iPhone or iPad’s home screen to bring up Spotlight search.

Lauch Spotlight search on iPhone or iPad by swiping your finger down near the center of the screen.

When Spotlight pops up, you’ll see “Siri Suggestions” listed just below the search bar (unless you previously turned them off).

The top section lists icons of your most frequently used apps. Normally, there’s only one row visible. To see more icons, tap the arrow beside the “Siri Suggestions” heading (It looks like a sideways caret or a greater-than symbol.).

On the Spotlight search screen, tap the sideways carat arrow beside "Siri Suggestions."

After you tap the arrow, another row of app icons will appear just below the first row that you saw earlier.

An example of the expanded "Siri Suggestions."

Once it’s expanded, the app suggestions menu will stay that way every time you bring up Spotlight unless you tap the arrow again to collapse the menu. If you’d like to run one of the suggested apps, just tap its icon.

And that’s it! That’s the tip. So simple and seemingly obvious, and yet, easy to miss.

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How to Disable Siri Suggestions

We mentioned disabling Siri Suggestions earlier. If you find that you don’t like them and want to turn them off on the spotlight screen, just open Settings and navigate to Siri & Search. Tap the switch beside “Suggestions on Home Screen” to disable “Siri Suggestions.”

In iPhone or iPad settings, flip the switch beside "Suggestions on Home Screen" to turn it off.

After that, exit Settings, and you won’t see “Siri Suggestions” on the Spotlight screen anymore.

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