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As of summer 2021, Android 12 is the latest version of Google’s smartphone and tablet operating system. Developer previews became available in early 2021, and the first beta dropped in May. But when will Android 12 be ready for a public release?

Update, 10/19/21: Google released Android 12 for Pixel phones on October 19, 2021.

Thankfully, Google is pretty open about the timeline of Android 12 releases. It has a handy graphic—as seen below—that shows when different releases will be available.

Android 12 release timeline.

At the time of writing, Android 12 Beta 3 has been released. That only leaves Beta 4—which marks “Platform Stability”—before the final release. “Platform Stability” essentially means the version is final, just not officially final.

You probably noticed that the “Final Release” marked on the timeline doesn’t have a month listed underneath. The good news is that it’s not terribly difficult to predict when that final release will happen. We just need to look at past Android versions.

Android 11 only had three beta releases, the last one being in August of 2020. The stable release happened the very next month and was followed closely by the announcement of the Pixel 5.

It’s reasonable to speculate that Android 12 will follow a similar trajectory. The final beta is scheduled for August of 2021, and Google is expected to announce the Pixel 6 sometime this autumn. It’s likely that the stable release will happen before that or alongside the phone.

So, the short answer to “When is Android 12’s release date?” is that we don’t know for sure, but September—or October at the latest—is very likely to be the target. Also, expect the Google Pixel 6 to be the first phone to launch with Android 12 on board.

When will your specific Android device get Android 12? Well, that’s another story entirely.

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