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Windows 8 Screenshot Tour: Everything You Possibly Want to Know


Yesterday Microsoft released the first preview release of Windows 8, and we spent all night testing it out and diving into how it all works. Here’s our review, and the normal How-To Geek style screenshot tour, with loads and loads of pictures.

Note: this article was so incredibly long that we broke it up into multiple pages, which isn’t something we do often.

So What’s New in Windows 8?

There’s a ton of new stuff in Windows 8, but the biggest change that you’ll notice right away is the addition of the new tile-based Metro interface, which you can see in the screenshot above. Keep in mind that this is the developer preview release, which means it’s nowhere near finished, and you should definitely not install this on your primary PC.

We’ll go into loads of detail about everything as you read further, but first here’s a quick list of just some of the new features:

  • Metro Interface – the new default interface in Windows 8, keep reading for everything about this.
  • Faster Boot Times – Windows 8 will boot much faster than Windows 7, thanks to a partial hibernation mode and a lot of improvements in the loading process. On my old Dell laptop, it boots in less than 10 seconds – on new machines, it’s crazy fast.
  • Less Memory Usage than Windows 7. That’s right. Microsoft is saying that not only will this version use less RAM than Win7, it also uses less running processes.
  • Windows Explorer overhauled, now has the Ribbon UI, Revamped File Copying, and ISO mounting.
  • In-Place PC Refresh will reload Windows in just a couple of clicks, keeping your files intact.
  • ARM processors are now supported, which will lead to an entirely new class of low-power, battery-efficient tablets.
  • Hyper-V is now part of Windows – so now you can create virtual machines easily without installing anything extra.
  • Taskbar can now span multiple monitors – this very simple feature has finally made it into Windows.
  • Wallpaper can now span multiple monitors – yet another feature that should have been around 10 years ago.
  • Universal Spell Check across Metro applications.
  • Windows Live Integration for Sync, Mail, Skydrive lets you sync all your settings across your PCs, including your files, mail, and photos. The sync is available in the preview, but the Skydrive and Mail are not yet.
  • Windows Store will let you purchase Windows apps all in a single place.
  • New Task Manager is completely revamped with much better tools, including a way to disable startup applications, track application resource usage over time, and even easily restart Windows Explorer.

There’s way more changes all over the place, and we’ll try and cover as much as possible, but there’s no way we can get everything. Not to mention the fact that this is a preview, so there’s probably a whole lot more coming in the beta.

How Can I Get Windows 8?

First, you’ll want to make sure that your PC can run Windows 8, and thankfully the Windows 8 system requirements are basically the same as Windows 7. You can probably get away with installing this on a PC with lousy specs, but obviously you’ll have a better experience on a faster machine. Here’s the specs:

  • 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
  • 16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
  • DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
  • Taking advantage of touch input requires a screen that supports multi-touch

The key thing to note is that you don’t need a touch device to install Windows 8. Keyboard and mouse will work just fine.

Just head to and download the ISO images from the page. Then head to the Microsoft Store page and download the USB/DVD Download Tool, which can put the ISO image onto a bootable flash drive for installation—all you have to do is choose the ISO, choose the drive, and wait for it to finish copying.


The setup process is nearly identical to Windows 7, so we’re not going to go into detail about it here. We’ll assume if you’re installing Windows 8 that you’re not a newb, and as such you shouldn’t need any help clicking through a couple of installer screens.

Various Install Notes:

  • We were not able to get it working in VMware Workstation or Virtual PC.
  • If you do want to virtualize, try VirtualBox. Many readers reported luck with this.
  • You don’t need a product key or a login to download or install Windows 8.
  • The preview release is supposed to auto-update. There’s no word on when the Beta release will be out, or whether it will automatically upgrade.
  • The preview release does not have Media Center included. Microsoft says that it will be a part of Windows 8 though.
  • If you want to disable Metro UI entirely, you can open up the registry editor and change the value of RPEnabled to 0 instead of 1 at the following key: (via NeoWin)


    Note that we’re not recommending this, because it makes installing Windows 8 fairly pointless.

  • If you’re using Internet Explorer from the Metro pane, you’ll notice that Flash doesn’t work. This is actually by design – no plugins in the Metro IE.

Good luck, and make sure to let us know in the comments how you fare.

What’s This Metro Interface All About?

Metro is a tile-based interface focused on being clean and simple, with simple icons and beautiful typography instead of the typical shadows and raised button interfaces that we’re used to. Many tiles are more than just an application launcher, they contain live data that updates automatically—a weather tile will automatically show the latest weather report, a news title will scroll the latest from your feeds, the social widget will show the latest photos from Facebook, and your stock ticker will automatically show you what those greedy Wall Street people are up to.

This interface was first released on Windows Phone, and while it’s definitely ideal for a touchscreen environment, it’s also quite usable with the keyboard and mouse—though you will find that scrolling multiple pages is much more tedious using just the mouse than using a simple swipe on the screen.

Metro Features

  • Universal Sharing across applications allows applications to easily share files or text with cloud services (and each other). You can load a picture from Facebook into a photo editing app, then share it on Twitter once you’re done. And it’s all hooked into the common file open dialogs, and the new Share feature.
  • Universal Search allows applications to register with the global search in the Metro interface, so you can search across any application that supports it.
  • Hardware Acceleration – all Metro applications are automatically hardware accelerated, making the entire experience much more smooth.
  • Process Suspending – Windows can automatically suspend Metro applications for better battery life when they aren’t being used.
  • New WindowsRT runtime provides these features to any application in almost any language, with almost no extra code. That means existing applications can be easily modified to connect to social networks without writing any networking code.

To bring up the Metro Start screen when you’re in any other application, just hit the Windows button.


The main Start screen is also a complete replacement for the Windows 7 Taskbar—you can just start typing at any point while viewing the main Metro Start screen and you’ll be able to quickly find any application on your system the same way that you could on Windows 7.

Metro Keyboard Shortcuts
These are a few keyboard shortcuts that I’ve personally been using. There’s others, but I haven’t figured out whether they work for mouse/keyboard mode or only if you’re using a touch screen with a keyboard also connected, so I won’t include them.

  • Windows+F – Opens File Search
  • Windows+C – Opens Charms Bar
  • Windows+I – Opens Settings
  • Windows+Q – Opens App Search pane
  • Windows+W – Opens Settings Search app
  • Windows+Z – Opens App Bar

If you aren’t at the Start screen, all you have to do is hit the Windows key to get back to the screen, and then start typing to launch an application—it’s the same set of keystrokes you would use before, but a different interface.


Back on the main Metro screen, you can easily click and drag to move items around on the screen. If you’re using a touch interface, you can do the same thing with your fingers. You can even zoom out using a Pinch gesture to see all of the items on the screen without having to scroll—as far as we can tell, there’s no way to do that in the mouse-only interface, but if you know how to do that, please leave a comment and tell us how.


If you right-click on a tile you’ll see a check box—if you’re using the touch interface you can nudge the tile up or down…


Which will enable a menu at the bottom of the screen. Depending on what tile you’ve selected, you’ll either get items to make it Larger, Smaller, Uninstall it, Pin it, or Unpin it.


If you were to click on a regular application like Task Manager or the command prompt, you’ also get some extra items like Run as Administrator, which is pretty useful for many system tasks.


Some of the tiles will open up a Metro-style application, which is always full screen. The Weather application can be customized for your location, and you can even pin multiple weather tiles to the home screen for multiple locations.

You might notice the purple bar on the left hand side of the screen—that’s very important. Whenever you’re in a Metro application using a touch interface, you can swipe from the left side to flip between applications. Keep swiping left to cycle through all of the applications. This is roughly the same as using Win+Tab, which works differently in Windows 8 than it did in Windows 7. You can, of course, still use Alt+Tab the way you always did.


If you swipe from the left and then drop the thumbnail into the screen, you can actually dock two separate full-screen applications into the same screen—notice the green line in the middle of the two applications below. On the left is the news feed, and the right is a photo application. You can switch which side of the screen has the “sidebar” application, or switch which application is on either side. What you can’t do, however, is adjust them to be 50/50, it’s a fixed ratio.


Swiping from the right side will pull up another menu, which they call the “Charms” menu. Yes, that’s a very silly name. This allows you to get to various functions like Search, Share, or Settings, and this works across the board in Metro applications. You’ll most likely use this feature most often to search and share from within applications—for instance, if you were viewing a photo and wanted to share it on Facebook, or if you needed to do a search through an application for a file.


If you’re using the keyboard and mouse, you can use the Win+C menu to pull up the same menu, except in the lower left-hand corner. Oddly, you can also move your mouse to the lower left corner of the screen, and the menu will show up—in fact, this works whether you are in the Metro interface or back on the Windows 7 style Taskbar.


Here’s a closer view of the menu:


Keep reading for the rest of the review, including the new Windows 8 Explorer, Task Manager, the new Control Panel, and a bunch more.

Next page: Windows 8 Logon Screen and using Windows 7 Applications

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  • Published 09/14/11

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  1. Khai

    the question I have is tho…. how does non-metro stuff run in “classic” mode?
    it’s rather important since I can’t see much getting done in “metro” in say 3DSMax…… (ok they can redesign the app, but 3d work with touch…?)

  2. Adam

    Great post. I just can’t wait to install it on my laptop running XP with Core 2 Duo to see how fast it is.

  3. Adam

    @Khai In the keynote video at, they show that non-Metro (aka “Win32”) programs run as a window on the desktop, like in Windows 7.

  4. Usman

    Best review of Windows 8 I’ve seen so far on the web.
    Can’t wait to install it on my secondary hard drive…

  5. Prashant

    I was worried about UX on desktops, but it look and works great!
    Btw taskbar improvements on multi monitor setup is huge for me.

  6. Mustafa Ali

    Tried using VirtualBox, the set up gets stuck at Extracting Files step. Tried several times, no luck!

  7. Raj

    Mr.Geek, has changes been made to Windows Media Player?

  8. Chris

    For a UI designed for tablet and touchscreen use, there sure are a lot of Win key shortcuts. Metro for your phone, then the Xbox 360 (well, in Fall) and now Windows. This will be a tough sell for business customers, and I wouldn’t be surprised if those waiting on another XP just up and switch to a user friendly flavor of Linux.

  9. The Geek


    Media Player looked pretty much the same, so I didn’t include anything about it. This is a preview release, so there could very well be an update in the Beta.

  10. Khai

    yes, I know there’s a “classic” mode… but how do they run? thats the question. is there a performance hit? would someone running Max, video editing etc, be better off staying with 7?

  11. Jonathan

    Doesnt work with virtual box… : (

  12. jellymelly

    installed it in virtualbox, since vmware wasn’t working with it.
    metro’s pretty slick, buuuut

    1. How can you add custom tiles to the new metro start menu? Say an explorer link to ‘my computer’?
    Also I accidentally unpinned the ‘desktop’ tile, how do i get it back?? I cannot find anywhere that lets me customise or add tiles

    2. Will the RTM version of Windows 8 come with Windows Media Centre?

    3. Will the RTM version actually be called Windows ‘8’ or are they reverting to a name like Vista?

  13. lbourbeau

    Just to let people know it works Parallels Desktop 6 on MacBook Pro

  14. Paul DeLeeuw

    Almost right again. Who wants a Reset that unloads all your programs? What we need is a Reset that reinstall Windows saving programs and data.
    Almost useful again. Note that most of these new features force you through the “Metro” interface. This translates as- one or more steps between what you want and what you get.

  15. steve

    mr geek, i have vista basic installed on my custom built PC, (i ran out of money and had to make do!), would you say windows 8 is more reliable than the crappy vista, even at testing stage?

  16. TsarNikky

    The default Metro interface had best not be the default! Microsoft needs to have the choice of default interface be declared during installation. Then, if one wants to change it, use a setting in the Control Panel. Forcing non-Metro users to have to change to the traditional interface is counter-productive. Why should most serious PC users have to go through some routine every time Windows-8 starts to get rid of the Metro interface and get to the traditional desktop interface?

  17. David

    I’m wondering about porting installed apps from an existing Vista/W7 PC..
    For example:

    Is Easy Transfer from preceding Windows versions supported?
    Is the installation structure similar.. registry, disk locations etc so program port tools like Laplink PCMover, Anovasoft Softrescue etc can be used?
    How would tools like Paragon’s System Upgrade Utilities be affected..?

    And conversely, does W8 do anything to separate the OS/registry from applications, drivers etc, making reinstallation either easy or even virtually unnecessary?

  18. Brian

    My only question is…how do you close Metro Apps? I know that you can get back to the desktop by clicking mid left, but that doesn’t actually close out the app. Anyone know how?

  19. The Geek


    Basically they stay running until Windows shuts them off, but they are suspended so they are basically turned off. You can also use Task Manager to manually close them if you want.

  20. Carl

    Great article. Keep up the great work geek.

    I was reluctant to upgrade from XP to 7. I spent $300 on two family packs (it was a good deal). I’m very happy with 7. 8 is goning to have to be almost free for me to change. I don’t care how good they make. Enough is enough already. I don’t see this being a money maker. My machine with XP still runs great.

  21. Rusty

    I have 7 installed, do I need to create a new partition in order so that I don’t mess with 7 and I can undo the install, is this even possible.

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    Quick Launch bars are MUCH better than this horrible mess!

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    @Paul DeLeeuw
    “Almost right again. Who wants a Reset that unloads all your programs? What we need is a Reset that reinstall Windows saving programs and data.”

    I do. You never know when a virus or other malware are hiding in those programs and possibly cause problems that make you want to reset in the first place. So I think it’s a good idea that Reset works like this.

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    Must be “operator errors”!!!

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    Installed fine for me in virtualbox with host winxp. Did have to change adapter to Intel desktop to get network working. Your article was a great help to me as I have never used Vista nor Win7.

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    Running Win 8 x86 under Virtual Box 4.1.2 However, I’m unable to set up a virtual network connection. Tried all the possible ones listed in the VM set-up. Any help on this?


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  40. jon_hill987

    Metro Interface – Not Interested, it looks slower to use than traditional interfaces for multitasking.

    Faster Boot Times – Can’t Complain

    Less Memory Usage than Windows 7. Can’t Complain

    Windows Explorer overhauled – Ribbon is the worst thing Microsoft have come up with since Windows Me, it is far slower than traditional interfaces and far slower, it also takes up more space on your screen, I want this to die.

    ARM processors are now supported – This should have been developed completely separately, a jack of all trades….

    Hyper-V is now part of Windows – How many people need virtual machines? I use them myself, but I am not the average user and am quite happy to run VMware.

    Taskbar can now span multiple monitors – nice to see this.

    Universal Spell Check across Metro applications. – Well I don’t intend on using Metro…

    Windows Live Integration for Sync – Great, lets put all my personal info in the cloud…

    Windows Store – And start making Windows a closed system…

    New Task Manager – yeah this one probably needed an overhaul.

    Overall, not impressed by Windows 8 at all.

  41. Jack

    @ jon_hill987

    I agree with all them points, but i may find some use for metro as i have a touch pc.

    Glad to here im not the only one who got a little bit concerned about the Windows store.

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  47. Jim Britt

    Micosoft is DESTROYING the useability of Windows like the destroyed the useability of Access 2010! The redesign of Access is HORRIBLE and the ribbon system STINKS in all applications.

    If people are too dumb to use drop-down menus then tough; to take it out on the rest of us!

  48. ChrispyCritter

    Having issues with installing with VirtualBox? Take snapshots before the issue and keep reloading it until it installs. That’s what I’m doing now as the 1st installation worked but hung and I had to delete it after I forced it to shutdown it wouldn’t repair..was having issues even starting the reinstall but you have to go into your VirtualBox folders and delete all the files relating to the Windows 8 install before installing a new one if it is going to be named the same. Good idea to delete any installs that failed anyways though..don’t forget to delete the virtual hard disk. I have my new install of 32bit just about finished installing now it took awhile but issues are expected because this is pre-beta. Once you have it up and running don’t forget to take a snapshot again in case it hangs then you can just reload it..I had forgot to take one the 1st time I installed but won’t this time in fact I have took 3 so far ;)

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    For those people having trouble getting the VirtualBox up and running, make sure your host machine can handle 64-bit virtualization. You may need to enable VT-X/AMD-V through your BIOS. Along those same lines, make sure the hardware acceleration options are enabled in your virtual machine’s settings.

    Thanks for posting those keyboard shortcuts, I was wondering how to get the “charms” to display!

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    Unless this is a cheap upgrade I’ll bypass, maybe if I ever get a tablet maybe i’ll try WIn8…. Doubt it i’ll stick with Android platform!!! But downloading now and will play with it. But like everyone else says Metro is to bulky, not the “Bubble” I was hearing it was going to be… so oh well maybe Win9 will go back to WIn95 days, maybe 3.1?

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  57. jack

    Some did not like the interface Immersive: if you want the classic Start menu, like Windows 7, go into the registry and find the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer at this point change the RPenabled value from 1 to 0.

  58. russ

    Flash doesn’t seem to work in the full-screen Metro interface IE, but works fine in the desktop version. Seems kind of odd. Can’t seem to get it to split the screen into two windows as shown in the article either. Added new tiles from the list of apps without issue, but it doesn’t appear to let you increase the size of added tiles to 2 squares, though I can shrink existing 2-square tiles to 1 square. Perhaps the size depends on the individual app added?

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    I boot from an SSD so faster boot times are not an issue…
    So far I see nothing much that I like…

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    It’s an interesting idea. However, being a jaded computer user, I have little faith in even-numbered OS release from Microsoft.

    The thought of quicker boot times is nice, but the interface is horrid.

    MS: The ribbons suck. All you accomplish with them is to generate an industry based upon reverting your interface “innovations” back to what serious users want to work with.

  81. Ryan

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    I liked this tour .

  83. Dennis

    I installed Windows 8 last night and am here this morning to say it sucks, I couldn’t stand that metro interface. cell phones and touch screens may be the thing of the future, I don’t even own a cell phone, by choice, I don’t need or want to have a phone on me every where I go, anyways, I won’t be upgrading to that crap ever. If this is the route windows is taking, I will be switching to linux unless linux tries to copy windows once again. I would gladly give up all my favorite windows past time, like gaming, just NOT to have to ever use that ridiculous operating system. Linux is no better, it has it’s fair share of problems and all, but it doesn’t look like an over sized “smartphone” anyways, enough of my ranting, you know what they say about opinions…. LOL ohhhhh and I couldn’t even freaking find the shut down, restart menu unless I did a damn ctrl alt delete, so ridiculous!!!

  84. Dennis

    ohhhh and one more complaint, not that every one uses a desktop wirelessly, but I do and it didnt install correctly my netgear drivers so I couldnt use the internet at all on it, and nothing I did would fix that, just something else to consider, not that, like all things in life, anyone is going to listen without trying it for themselves.

  85. oneplayer

    Metro ?? Unity??
    Mobile interface for desktop??
    What will happen to next??

  86. Paul

    Good article, but I really don’t like the Metro interface. When I first saw the image and before I’d read the title, I thought this article was going to be either about mobile phones or something on the lines of Rainmeter. I can imagine the “I’d rather cut off my arm than put down my iphone” demographic getting on with it, but it looks far more like a lightweight toy than a serious operating system. Will business and professional users want that? I doubt it.

  87. Dr.

    Can it be installed on other partition without disturbing Win7? Can all software be installed on it?

  88. Jack


    I am currently multi-booting it with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.04.

    I have had no problems with windows 7, however Ubuntu no longer shows as an option in the boot loader.

    I dont particualy like metro, but i have yet to try it on my touch screen pc….;

  89. Simoner

    I installed it just now. NONE OF METRO INTERFACE SOFTWARE WORKS!!!! I click on anything, it just doesn’t reply, doesn’t open the program, except for desktop, control panel, and a couple of other basic programs. Touchpad gestures are gone, too… Any help would be truly appriciated.

  90. jon_hill987

    @fuazda : “The modern gamer does his/her gaming on a wide screen TV with a PS3 console or, yes from MS, a XBox360.”

    no thanks, I like to play games in higher resolutions than upscaled 720p and with decent textures.

  91. Jonathan Handoyo

    is it just me, or is win8 not able to render screen bigger than 1024×768?

  92. Thor

    You need to adjust your screen resolution to at least 1024 x 768.

    If you’re not running it in Virtual Box, it sounds like Win 8 didn’t detect an updated video card driver?

  93. bill

    I really cant see why the moved the shutdown button. So many extra step to initiate shut down seems
    kinda dumb. The other erk is the start page, I didn’t like flipping back and forth.

  94. Ben B.

    The self-contained Hyper-V feature will finally make it possible to run a separate virtual machine (VM) within your PC that you can use for online browsing, online gaming, Facebook, etc. and anything that could possibly expose your machine to viruses and worms. Then to get that new PC look and feel again, you can simply blow away that VM once every 6 months or so and create a new one!!!!

  95. Ivydapple


    And that’s coming from a major Windows fan.

  96. jack

    Right so ive been using this for several hours now on a touch pc and……

    wow. This is brilliant! All that needs work is the keyboard and mouse usability but using the touch screen is amazing!

    Really with windows 7 the touch screen wasn’t that much use with using the OEM software, but i decided to install this on a logical partition, and i can see using this as my primary os. No crashes, no problems of any sorts.

  97. Simoner


    What if I don’t have that resolution? I use an eeePC, with a native resolution of 1024X600… Any way to fix this? Win 8 runs a lot more smoothly on such a week config (not to mention the 40% improvement in battery life). I wouldn’t wanna uninstall it, if there’s any way to solve this resolution issue.

  98. Mike

    Ugly, and less efficient is what I see. You can’t be all things to all people. Trying to make it mobile, give it a phone interface and radically change how the system works will piss off a lot of people.

    Linux is looking better and better.

  99. Jeremiah

    Work change from windows yet. Everything is great about the operating system for improvements, except for the metro interface. The worst ever for PC’s. It is great for a phone or a touch pad of some sort, but what the heck do i need with that kind of interface with a mouse and keyboard on my PC. it is so cluttered and just nasty looking. I like my personalized desktop as the main event not just an after thought you have to click to bring up. I wish they would make it so that you could pick either type of interface at start up, either the metro stlye for touch device, or the old desktop and start menu for non touch PC devices. It is not like they are going away tomorrow. The PC will still be around for a while to come, and they need to still orient their OS around us old PC users that have not gone to touchy this and touchy that. Everything else though looks like it is going to be great about it. But if you can’t interface to it the way you want what is the point. I can tell you that i will definitely stick with windows 7 for now. I absolutely hate this new interface. But i said that about windows 95 when it came out, and now many years later I love that start menu that windows 95 started. So I will have to wait and see if i come around to it, but right now i absolutely hate it.

  100. Jeremiah

    Sorry it is supposed to be “Worst change from windows yet.”

  101. warrenjmeyer

    Nice review! I see some good things as well as a few things I don’t care for. As a hindsight, I would like to say I could see this coming due to the drastic visual changes with the XBox 360s UI. I’m going to download it anyway and do a VirtualBox VM. My question is, how long can we use it before this release expires?

  102. Jeff

    MS needs to bifurcate this product into a tablet OS and a desktop OS. Oh, and junk the tablet stuff.

    I will give them credit for making it easy to turn the Explorer ribbon off. That part they got right. Way to go!

  103. warrenjmeyer

    Got it running in VirtualBox. After all the hype I can confidently say that not only am I not impressed, I am a little disappointed that Microsoft considers Windows 8 the “next big thing”. Not hyped for this one at all.

  104. jack

    Am i the only person that likes metro?

  105. Poppeye

    When will you showcase a Windows 8 version that’s not for smartphones but for PC?

  106. shekhar

    Not better than windows 7.Mere change in interface is not making it more productive.In my case none of METRO interface icons except Desktop, Windows Explorer and Control Panel is working.In windows7 when I brows internet I am able to launch any application by going to start menu but in windows8 I have to first minimize explorer and then launch an application from desktop shortcut. And in windows explorer The Ribbon is consuming all the space, almost all option were present in windows7 in some way. Unable to launch an application when we do some other things on net or in windows explorer is a drawback.

    I do not know how it is better than windows7( I know some more extra tools are available in this). And why anyone will spend money on this “going to be expensive stuff”. One thing I admit is, it is little bit faster than windows7.

    This should not be what we expect after windows7 from Microsoft.

  107. Robert

    Tried it. Dont like it. Mirosoft is messing up again.

  108. Robert

    Whats all this about a touch screen? leave the touch screen to the dang phones. I want my keyboard. This will turn out like Windows ME. To much of a change to fast,ended up one big screw up for Microsoft.

  109. brisingrkill

    For all who don’t like the metro interface think of it as a landing page which has quick access to your favorite/most used programs plus some possible very useful apps.

  110. skinymike

    It comes to this, Microsoft is trying something new. I respect that. If it fails it will be just another two year wait till they release a fixed version. I like the ideas behind the new OS and I’m glat to see new fresh ides (even if they may be a tad bit stolen) and I’m glad you can minimize the ribbon. GO MICROSOFT! But I’ll stick to android on my mobile

  111. sunny

    FYI , I have just dual booted windows 8 with windows 7. I had installed it in Virtualbox first but didn’t quite like it in a visualized environment.

  112. Gary O.

    I tried to install win-8, and about halfway into the install I got the following error message

    file may be corrupt or missing

    anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this ?


  113. GeezerAl

    I have been using Windows 8 Preview for about a week.
    It feels like a kludge and sluggish compared to Windows 7, but the sluggishness could be because it is such an early release. The Apps have no bearing yet on the average computer user, though it might have for a heavy smartphone or iPad device users. Therefore, the Metro interface is a pain to use and detracts from the physical beauty of what can be done with the Windows 7 interface.

    For me, Windows 7 has lots of eye candy, which makes my 12+ hours of usage per day a relative pleasure. Metro is just too staid.

    It seems that every time Microsoft comes out with something new, the location of things keep changing. My marketplace is the home user, specifically those of 55+ who want to use their old computer forever since they live on relatively fixed incomes. Changing things like the location of the Start Menu and all the items that appear in it is really counter productive.

    Until Microsoft addresses this market place, which it seems will never happen, Linux is a way that my aging population extends its computer’s usefulness for several years. It is only my inability to effectively sell the solution to them that prevents its wider acceptance.

    It would be great if someone invented a “killer” app exclusively for Linux, otherwise it will never overtake or even come close to the saturation that Windows and Mac have.

  114. Sergio

    the app doesnt close, they keep active and need to close by task manager, =S why is that? or how i can close the programs?

  115. Isaac


    This is also built for Tablets, hence the touch screen capability.

  116. Isaac


    I’m with you man, the metro look is great! Forget icons.


    Remember this isn’t a final release, definitely pre-beta stage Give it some time. Also note that they are going to use this in tablets as well. This explains why it acts the way it does.

  117. kevin

    Cant launch a single metro app. With the Win Phone like UI up on my virtual box the only thing I can launch is Desktop, control panel and a couple of other system items. This is the second install, first was on a Netbook with the same results. Why cant I launch the apps like Piano, Air Craft, Alarms, etc. Nothing works…. It’s garbage to me right now..

  118. bjcw

    … just installed on real world PC, no time for silly VM’s :) However, my screen brightness is so low I can barely see the screen. Even though Win 8 reports it is at max setting.

    Any one else seeing this?

  119. Barry

    Just installed on my HP. Only issue I see so far is that my screen brightness is at the lowest level of visibility, however the setting in the OS is set to max. Obviously a driver issue but cannot install a Win 7 driver in a Dev version…only Beta if we’re lucky….

  120. MasterTux

    KIND OF reminds me of linux…but only kind of!!! -.-

  121. A

    interesting design and seems to work well. I really don’t mind the metro but I’d rather have that be more optional rather than required. Hopefully they will reintigrate the regular start menu into Windows 8 too because I have a hard time finding programs I’ve installed that aren’t on my desktop already. Also Windows 8 seems to be even more dependent on access to the internet the windows 7 which is something that I do not like in the slightest.

  122. Rick S

    Thanks for all the comments guys. You made my mind up. After reading the article I was thinking of changing my ways and trying it. I’ll just stick with XP and Linux.

    Hey Mike. Linux will piss you off too till you get the hang of it. Also you may go through ten or more Linux OS before you find one you like. When you do find it you will love it. At least it don’t cost anything to try, and if you like it you get to keep it. Not like Micro$haft.

  123. Sterling Ledet

    So how do you quit a Metro app?

  124. A

    @Sterling- so far the only way I can find is using task manager, none of the shortcuts I know of will shut them down. However when you leave a Metro app it is suspended so it doesn’t take processor time just memory.

    More: Some have complained about it’s gearing towards touchscreens and honestly I don’t mind. (I have a 22″ touch screen.) However true to claims Windows 8 does use less memory and less CPU than Windows 7, and booting is quite quick… after the first time.

  125. Jack

    Hi, I m trying to install win 8 32-bit on my laptop having win 7 already installed. I started setup using DVD, selected partition to install in and when the setup comes to “Expanding Windows Files” It gives me an error after completing just 1% that….

    “Windows could not install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure that all the files required for installation are available and restart the installation. Error code 0x80070570”

    And the same error I got when I tried to install it from bootable USB.
    Please help.

    Laptop config:Compaq CQ-42, Dual core-2.3 Ghz, 2 GB-Ram, 320GB Hdd

  126. SteveinSC

    After so many comments, I don’t know if you will get way down to this one, but . . . I followed your instruction and installed on my Asus eee pc 1005pe, dual boot with Win 7 Home Prem, 2 gig., 32 bit. Everything runs perfect. Legacy programs like Control Panel, Calculator, Kindle, Notepad, etc. all run. But , NONE of the other APPs will open. I don’t know if this is wrong or not. You show that you have run some like picstream, etc but I can’t open them. Can’t even run the browser from the Metro screen, but I can’t run it from the desktop!

    What am I missing?

    PS: I too love Win 7 and it’s going to be a hard sell for me to switch. Maybe if I had a tablet, but not on a PC or laptop, netbook, etc. I love my Android phone and would probably lean that way for tablet also.

  127. Arka

    Same problem here too….Legacy programs works when clicking from the Metro screen. But none other xtra application works…It does not do anything…..Please help….please

  128. Devansh


    u should try to re-downlaod the iso

  129. A

    @Jack again

    And defragment the iso when it’s done downloading

  130. pat

    junk , windows cant sell its phones, so now lets put it on a desktop os…

  131. Ben

    To all those not able to run the majority of metro apps: i had the same problem on my 10.1″ toshiba notebook. It is because the metro apps will ONLY work on a screen resolution of 1024×768!!! Says it when you download the iso file! My notebook would not let me change from 800×600, so after a bit of research I installed intel video drivers from the toshiba website for windows 7. I was then able to go up to a 1024×600 resolution…close, but not enough! So finally, after a bit more research, I found a really easy reg hack which enabled me to select a higher resolution in display settings…finally on 1024×768 and ALL the metro apps now work perfectly!!! The resolution looks great on my notebook too!! Hated the 800×600 that it was trying to force me to stay on!! Hope this helps people!!

  132. Dennis

    update: I reinstalled 8 and was determined to make it work, and my perseverance paid off, I got my wireless network adapter to work ( I have a wireless modem from my ISP though it has wired capabilities everyone in my house uses a laptop except me and the placement of the modem just makes it more convenient to have it wireless) so this time it registered because I have internet access. I disabled Metro, I seriously do not like that, I will re-enable it eventually when I’m feeling like being frustrated and want to learn it more. Other than that, its a updated version of windows 7, so far i like it for that. oh, and I have my resolution set to 1920×1080 and all the metro apps work fine, I have a 23″ monitor and that’s the highest setting for it. I read a lot of people having troubles with it, because of resolution settings, don’t know that this info matters, just thought id share that as well. anyways, to make a long story short, without Metro, its a nice OS basically 7 with a SP 2? LOL so I like it, now that I have internet access, before that it was nothing, it didn’t fully function. worth checking out if you can make it work. I did do an upgrade from 7 to 8, so it is my main and only operating system on this computer, I don’t mind if I have to reformat and go back to 7 when 8 becomes defunct. sorry for such a long post :D LOL it’s just exciting being part of this.

  133. Fahd

    No Ben, it doesnt help, are you gonna provide a link to such reg hack??

  134. Kevalin

    “Windows Explorer overhauled…” Hell, it’d be nice if it simply WORKED. I’ve been dealing with increasingly frequent “Windows Explorer has stopped working,” messages over the last few months, and Explorer showing multiple instances in the task manager… and Microsoft pretending that the problem doesn’t exist–or that it’s somehow unique to my computer (it’s not).

    If Windows 8 is built with what seems to be MS’s usual thoroughness, then it’s just going to be another good-looking but lousy OS, “Brought to you by Microsoft.”

  135. Gary

    Just looking at this desktop clearly shows how out of touch Microsoft is with the people who use their software on a daily basis. That desktop is absurd for starters. Second the ribbon that they use in the recent version of office are simply ridiculous and huge space wasters. All they seem to want is the money they want for a new version. There seems to be no vision here from Microsoft.

    This makes my transition to Mac OS make more sense every single day. ;)

  136. mookiemu

    I kinda like it, but I hope they don’t get as arrogant as they did with Vista and try to charge $400 for it!

    Has anyone tried either Photoshop, zbrush, or Maya on this yet?

  137. Anon
  138. ThunderByrd

    The title of this article should have read:

    Windows 8 Screenshot Tour: Everything you *could* possibly want to know.

    Just thought you should know :)

  139. gaetanla

    Come on guys. What do you want in windows? As a programmer ans user I want a Windows with less bugs that runs faster, takes less space and access to my programs faster. I think Windows 8 will take more memory to run and more disk space. Not good for performance amelioration. Plus plenty of bugs in Windows 7 (unsolved), so how many bugs do you think will there be in Windows 8. And from the looks of the interface, I saw an Apple ipad for 519$. Looks a hell of a lot like windows 8. So you people who likes working with just pictures and icons, make yourself a favor and get and ipad (windows 8 lookalike) right now. there is even a touchpad so you don’t have to type anything. Lastly, for those who can still read, pray for a new service pack for windows 7.

  140. Guest

    Guys, I respect your opinions of the new OS, but try to keep in mind that technology is constantly evolving. Many devices (like ipod, ipad, smartphones, etc…) already completely rely on its touchscreen for navigation. (And everything else.) What makes you think that laptops aren’t going to adopt built-in touchscreens in the near future? Microsoft is simply predicting the next generation of cpu models and making a windows OS that will work flawlessly with them.
    I agree that windows 8 with a mouse is just ugly. (Yes, I did install it.) And win 8 could still use some improvements; but the it’s the thought that counts.

    I can’t wait until Windows 8 is actually useful :D
    (Which isn’t really that far away.)

  141. MCSE99

    I tried out Win8 last night and didn’t see it as a must have upgrade to Win7. After reading this article, however, I’m going to give it another shot. The new task manager, and most importantly the new file versions features (can you say “Time Machine” at last?) alone are worth another look. I’m still not ready to like the Metro interface because I’m not a social network / photo sharing / casual PC gaming addict. Unless there’s a group policy setting for the Win7 interface to be the default — and they add the classic start menu back in that mode — I don’t see business embracing Win8 right away.

  142. nav s

    I installed windows 8 two days ago on my new vmware 8 it took 20-24 minutes to install,I used it without proper hardware acceleration and it was just fine.Then I tried it on my physical drive now the experience was awesome.
    But one thing is still bugging me with windows 8 how do close/exit full screen metro apps(I have to do it using taskbar quite annoying)
    This windows is more performance oriented then windows 7 :
    Quick bootup,clean design,much easier accessibility,low ram footprint (All of it in Preview Version).

    In the end Your tour was really superb and will help a lot.

  143. BOB THOM

    This is a great learning tool for the Windows 8 preview. I just installed it yesterday on a new build and it really is fast Once the learning curve completed this will be a great improvement over previous versions of Windows. I want to thank HowToGeek for the great job they are doing. KUDOS!

  144. dlgn

    Looks like Windows is starting to stop using windows…

  145. Ben


    I have posted them in two seperate posts, but my posts are ‘awaiting confirmation from moderator’ or something like that! here is the link split up so that it does not get blocked on here: Just remove the spaces and follow the instructions on the website:

    liliputing. com/ 2010/03/hack-to-increase-the-screen-resolution-on-windows-7-netbooks.html

    hope this helps!!!


  146. jonas

    I like 7 its the best version of windows so far.
    I never actually liked XP.

    The problem is that to justify every new version they keep building in stuff that people don´t want.
    so no I will be sticking to 7 and prey for a new SP on 7 instead.

  147. ggsgs

    Win8 is terribly bad.

    1. How can I open two instances of an application using Metro? I can’t.
    2. How can I close a Metro app to free some memory? I can’t.
    3. Where’s the button to use the good old desktop interface? There’s no button but a horrible hack.
    3. CTRL+ALT+DEL -> memory use 1.1Gb. Wow… WinXP took 256Mb.

    As I said, horrible. I’ll stay with Win7 or XP.

  148. ivan

    Okay i gotta say im a litle late on this because its just friday i read about the windows 8 pre beta….anyway i installed it using dual boot…wiped it of and installed it again…no problem…tested all programs and installed all windows 7 apps i love.( msn 2011, firefox, rocketdock photoshop blabla)..actually i use it as my primary os…the only conflict i get is when i want to boot in windows 7 i first get the new screen of death(the sad smile) that my pc ran into an error…and needs to restar, it then restarts and windows 7 boots without any problem… well my specs : dual core, 2.2 Ghz, intel chipset. , 4gigs ram.yea . My first boot used something like 400mb ram but after installing apps i get around 1.1 gig…i have windows 8 installed on both my laptops, no probs.sadly i cant get it to work on a 786ram machine (in wich i can get windows 7 working smoothly).Really requires 1gig and above…. Now my only question is , can i copy a preinstalled windows 8, thats been installed in vmware 8( a friends machine ) and copy it over to my machine (wich doesnt support HV).i already have vmware 8

  149. Bob Grosh

    Take a deep breath.
    The last thing I want is to turn my dual-monitor high-res desktop into a giant non-portable smart phone.

    I am a power user. Last Friday night, I broadcast 4 HS football games at the same time, viewing and controlling s dozen cameras it 6 different cities on just one of my PC’s. Counting Livestream studios, remotes into desktops, moderating 5 chats, re-encoding game hi-lights, doing instant replays, and posting scores from an addition 20 games, I had more than a dozen windows open.

    Obviously, I won’t be using Metro for that.

    .But then…. I don’t think Microsoft intends to force everyone to go to metro. I seems obvious to me that when 8 is released, there will either be metro or windows versions of 8, or the user will be able to select which interface to use, or, users can switch back and forth between the different user interfaces.

    Think about it. your tablet and desktop will both have the same underlying OS. On yoru tablet, you can use metro for most tasks, but still be able to access a desktop and run your desktop applications in a pinch.

    I have several different tablets and smart phones. I seldom used the tablets because they don’t run all the windows applications I need. Instead, I carry a super large Sony laptop ( one of those monsters that won’t fit in any laptop bag.) The tablets all sit in a closet gathering dust. It looks like 8 will finally let me take the applications I need on the road. I’ll have metro for simple tasks like email , GPS, weather reports and contacts, and still have access to the windows tools I need to produce a live broadcast.

  150. bighans

    I installed and run it now for 30 hrs. no blue screen of death and is really fast and IE10 has improoved my download speed as well by 1.2 megs. Overall a really great system and crazy fast with the apps. now i love it allready and use it for my day to day home bussiness. as well I am sure it is a great OS and hope it comes out rather sooner than later.

  151. Hans

    I installed and run it now for 30 hrs. no blue screen of death and is really fast and IE10 has improoved my download speed as well by 1.2 megs. Overall a really great system and crazy fast with the apps. now i love it allready and use it for my day to day home bussiness. as well I am sure it is a great OS and hope it comes out rather sooner than later.
    Thanks Microsoft for giving us the oportunity to give back some of our ideas.

  152. Todd K

    I’ve been using a Win 7 phone for a year now and love it WAY more than my old iPhone. I dig the metro interface on the phone and am looking forward to having it on my O/S as well. For those of you who hate it, relax a little. The “old” start menu will still be an option – no question. Metro is nothing more than a launchpad for applications. I quite like the idea of having the apps I use regularly pinned where I can get at them quickly and easily. And with updated info on each to boot, awesome!

  153. Todd K

    As a point of comparison I just did a count through my start menu. Out of the 252 items in it there are actually only about 22 programs that I use. The rest are all clutter that should be hidden away as options within the specific application.

  154. , Apologist

    “requires” less ram??

    changing the text of official requirements


    what IS ACTUALLY required for non-masochism operation

    are NOT THE SAME!!!

  155. Nigel

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the post. Just downloaded and installed within 2hrs on Dell mini 9 with 16gig ssd. There is 7.5gig left. Cool, just been into registry and gone to standard windows look. Connected to wifi no issues. I will give it a go till March 8th when and if they kick us out :D

  156. Deedle

    If you are using a resolution equal or below to 1024×600 only control panel and desktop will work

    If you are using a resolution equal or higher than 1024×768 all apps will work but you can’t use 2 apps on the same screen.

    If you are using a resolution equal or higher than 13??x768 all apps will work and you can use 2 apps on the same screen.

    This is the same to x86 and x64.

  157. chiku

    Win8 is terribly bad.

    1. How can I open two instances of an application using Metro? I can’t.
    2. How can I close a Metro app to free some memory? I can’t.
    3. Where’s the button to use the good old desktop interface? There’s no button but a horrible hack.
    3. CTRL+ALT+DEL -> memory use 1.1Gb. Wow… WinXP took 256Mb.

    As I said, horrible. I’ll stay with Win7 or XP.

  158. RamNemesis

    Got a duel boot setup on a second drive. Used the file transfer wizard from win7 . Now it pretty much looks like my win7 setup except for a nice background spanning two monitors . Looking good so far.
    Did find looking for the OFF button troublesome

  159. RamNemesis

    Just plugged in my iPhone and it recognized it in less than a second.

  160. Nigel

    Anybody found explorer a bit glitchy? I’ve found more than a few times I’ve had to double or triple Click to return to previous pages. Checked my ram usage, nothing untoward there Mmmmm.

  161. Jeremiah

    For the zoom out feature on the search screens, use CTRL+MouseWheel (up or down).

  162. mohammad

    Can I used Windows8 for Samsung mobil model i9000.


    i think that’s more faster than past versions of windows .i use beta release look a higher speed than microsoft windows 8

  164. ttx

    windows vista sucks and windows 8 beta sucks and the cloud sucks you are setting us up for some one to steal our info windows 8 live is so unsafe it is wrong you say it is safe but the news and internet say no so i say HELL NO sorry about but it is time it stops microsoft mess up we do not like the iphe it sucks the apps on it sucks and windows 7 on the iphone sucks and now you say it is going to run on my pc not in this life you all can stick windows 8 when the sun don’t shine

  165. Stjepan

    I installed windows 8 and now I like to go back to windows 7. Is that possible please help, thank you.

  166. tototamd6

    it seem to be the best operating system even more better than mac .

  167. John

    I have it installed now but why can’t i see my second hard drive?

  168. Tim

    I’ve read the pdf download about Win8 from and as far as I can see it should be possible to replicate on linux without too much difficulty. Isn’t it just thumbnail shortcuts on the desktop? (More or less)

  169. Michelle

    I just loaded windows 8 on my old pc that was running XP and I can’t get internet explorer running… it seems that there are hardware problems with drivers… any tips people?

  170. oliver

    i installed it today,now when im tryng to pen my game(pop two thrones) its just start,its says i dont have a comatibli driver,i installed required driver and installed in compatility mode and still it doesnt start,in my optinon,windows 8 sucks ,yeah but my problem is where i can get drivers for windows 8?

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