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If your meeting attendees regularly have back-to-back meetings, you can ease their transitions by automatically shortening meeting durations in Google Calendar. With the Speedy Meetings feature, your events can end 10 or 15 minutes early.

When you use Speedy Meetings in combination with your default event duration, you can help those attending your meetings. Whether they need to walk to another building or switch to another online provider for the next meeting, a few minutes can make a big difference.

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How to Reduce Meeting Durations in Google Calendar

To enable the Speedy Meetings feature, visit Google Calendar on the web. Click the gear icon on the top right to open the Settings Menu and select “Settings.”

In the left-hand navigation menu, expand General if necessary and click “Event Settings.”

Pick Event Settings in Google Calendar

If you already have a default duration set up for your meetings that you’re happy with, just check the box for “Speedy Meetings.” And if you want to change the default, go ahead and pick one from the drop-down list.

Check the box for Speedy Meetings

All events that you schedule with your default duration will automatically be shortened. For those 30 or 45 minutes, the duration is reduced by 5 minutes. For longer events, the duration is reduced by 10 minutes.

If you change the Default Duration after you enable Speedy Meetings, you’ll see the difference in the times.

Default durations with and without Speedy Meetings

Now, when you click to create a new event in Google Calendar, you’ll see the shortened duration with your default duration.

Speedy meeting durations in Google Calendar

If you decide somewhere down the road that you no longer need or want to shorten your event durations, just head back to your Google Calendar settings and uncheck the Speedy Meetings box.

Whether you do it for your attendees or for yourself, you can all be on time for those back-to-back meetings. And remember, you can propose a new time for an event if you have a conflict.

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