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If you are reading a book with a lot of images or just want to be able to use a larger text size, it can make sense to rotate your Kindle screen so you can read it in a horizontal position. Let’s look at how to change your Kindle’s orientation from portrait to landscape.

How to Rotate Your Kindle Screen

Open the book you want to read horizontally and tap anywhere at the top of the screen, then tap the “Aa” icon to access the Display Settings menu.

display settings menu

Tap “Layout.”

kindle display settings

Then, under Orientation, tap the landscape reading icon.

kindle layout options

After a second, the screen will rotate. Tap anywhere outside the menu to go back to your book and read on. Any landscape images will now take up a lot more of the screen, or you can use a bigger text size without breaking up sentences too much.

kindle in landscape mode

When you want to rotate your screen back to its regular orientation, return to the “Layout” options and tap the portrait reading icon.

Can You Rotate the Kindle Home Page?

Rotating the screen does not affect the Kindle Home Screen, menus, and other options; they will remain displayed in a portrait orientation. Only when you’re reading a book will text appear horizontally.

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