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Google continues to add collaboration tools to its Chat app that make it more appealing to companies and teams. One such feature is the ability to create and assign tasks.

By using Google Chat in a browser, on your mobile device, or through Gmail, you can easily add a task in your chat Room. You can assign these tasks to team members there as well, making it easy as pie to split up duties.

Add a Task in Google Chat or Gmail Online

Open Google Chat or Gmail in your browser to start creating tasks. Make sure that the Room is in full-screen view so that you can see the tabs across the top.

Select the Tasks tab and click “Add Room Task.”

Enter the details for the task, including a title and, optionally, a description and due date.

Add the task details

If you choose to enter a due date, you can also add a time.

Add a due date and time

When you finish with the task details, click “Add.”

The addition of the task will display in the Chat area of your Room. You can click it from there or head back to the Tasks tab to view it.

Added task in Chat history

Assign a Task Online

You can assign a task at the time you create it in your Room or afterward. Just click “Assign” in the task details and select or search for a Room member.

Remember, you can only assign tasks to members of a Room.

Choose a Room member to assign the task

And when you assign a task, this action also displays in the Chat history, just like when you add a task or even create a document within Chat.

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Add a Task in the Google Chat or Gmail Mobile App

Just as easily, you can add a task in the Google Chat mobile app or Gmail app with Chat enabled. Select a Room and tap the Tasks tab at the top. Then, tap the Add Task icon on the bottom right.

On the Tasks tab, tap Add

Enter the information for the task starting with the title. Select the icon on the left to add details or the one in the center to include a due date. Like in the browser edition, you can add a time for the due date if you wish.

Add the task details

Tap “Save” when you finish.

Tap Save

The task will display in the Chat area of the Room as well as in the Tasks tab. This allows you to access and view the task from either spot.

View tasks from the Chat or Tasks tabs

Assign a Task in the Mobile App

Also, just like with Google Chat and Gmail online, you can assign a task in the mobile app when you create it or later.

When you add the task, assign it by tapping the Assignee icon and selecting the Room member.

To assign the task after you create it, open the details from the Chat history or Tasks tab. Tap “Assign” and select the Room member.

Tap Assign and pick a Room member

After you assign a task in the mobile app, this action also appears in the Chat history.

Complete a Task in Google Chat

Regardless of the app and location in which you use Google Chat, marking a task complete is as simple as clicking or tapping the circle next to it.

When you complete a task, the action appears in the Chat history, and the task moves to the bottom of the Tasks tab in a Completed section.

Competed Google Chat tasks

Whether you’re just starting to use Google Chat or you’re still considering it as a communication option for your company, the task feature might be exactly what you and your team need to get things done. And keep in mind that you can also set up meetings directly in Google Chat, too!

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