Urgently skill on Alexa

You can request roadside assistance using Alexa from participating apps, including Urgent.ly, AAA, and Blink Roadside. All you need is an Alexa-powered device like the Echo Auto and the correct wake phrase to fix flat tires, call for towing, or make virtually any other service request.

Requesting roadside assistance from Alexa depends on the connected third-party app or skill that you’re using. Our favorites are Urgent.ly, AAA, and Blink Roadside.

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How to Request Roadside Assistance with Urgent.ly

First, download the Amazon Alexa app using Apple’s App Store for iPhone or the Google Play Store for Android.

From there, enable the Urgent.ly skill by visiting the Urgent.ly Amazon page and clicking on the “Enable” button.

Urgently Skill in the Amazon store.

Once it’s clicked, Urgent.ly will request permission to access your device’s address and your first name and mobile number, as well as to activate Location Services and Amazon Pay to make payments to any emergency services.

You can also grant these permissions using the Amazon Alexa app by tapping on “Grant Urgent.ly permissions.”

Grant Urgently permissions in Alexa app.

Follow all of the prompts before tapping on “Save Permissions.”

Account permissions page for Urgently app.

After granting permissions, call on emergency services by saying, “Alexa, open Urgent.ly.” Alexa will then say “Welcome to Urgent.ly Roadside Assistance, do you have a flat tire?”

If you say no, Urgent.ly will ask you if you’re willing to receive a text message link for more info. Tapping on the link will bring you to a menu screen with different service options, including towing, auto lockout, jump start, and motorcycle tows. Clicking on any one of them will prompt you to enter basic information, such as your name, phone number, vehicle make/model, and address before you’re asked to enter credit card information.

Service options page on Urgently app

Your card will not be charged before the service is complete.

From there, Urgent.ly will dispatch an emergency service technician to your location.

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Requesting Roadside Assistance with AAA Road Service

Like Urgent.ly, the AAA Road Service skill offers real-time service for all types of emergency mishaps, including jumping batteries and extrication.

You can enable the AAA Road Service skill by visiting the AAA Road Service Alexa Skills page and clicking on the “Enable” button.

AAA Road Service skill in the Amazon store.

Once it’s clicked, AAA Road Service will request permission to access your device’s address and use location services, along with a request to link an active AAA membership by entering your membership number, last name, and home zip code. In addition to 24/7 roadside assistance, AAA membership includes exclusive savings at select partner locations and a free one-year membership for two family members.

Requesting Roadside Assistance with Blink Roadside

Unlike AAA, Blink Roadside doesn’t require a membership or subscription. Instead, it promises the same “wholesale roadside assistance used by most major car brands and auto insurers” with increased savings.

You can enable the Blink Roadside skill by visiting the Blink Roadside Alexa Skills page and clicking on the “Enable” button. From there, click “Manage Permissions” to allow the app to apply Location Services, use Amazon Pay, and locate your device’s address.

Blink Roadside Skill in the Amazon store.

From there, all you need to do is tell Alexa what the issue is without having to refer to Blink Roadside. Some safe wake phrases include “Alexa, I have a flat tire,” “Alexa, my car battery died,” and “Alexa, my car ran out of gas.”

Depending on the situation, Alexa will ask if you’re in a safe location and ask for your vehicle make/model, phone number, and full name before providing a service price. If you agree, Alexa will ask you to pay via Amazon Pay before dispatching emergency services personnel to your location.

Roadside Assistance with Alexa Is a Godsend

Roadside Assistance using Alexa is an excellent way to stay safe on the road and call for help quickly in virtually any stranded situation as long as location services are activated. Of the three services, our nod goes to Blink Roadside Assistance for ease of use, wallet-friendly pricing, and no required membership or subscription.

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