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Your Google profile picture appears in all kinds of places. For example, when you leave a Google review or send someone an email in Gmail, people will see your profile picture. Here’s how you can change it.

How to Change Your Google Profile Picture on Your Computer

To change your Google profile picture on your Mac, Windows, or Linux PC, open any browser, visit Gmail, and then log into your account. Click your “Profile Picture” in the top-right corner of the window.

In the menu that appears, click the camera icon next to your profile picture.

The “Select Profile Photo” window will appear. Here, you can upload a photo from your local machine using the “Upload Photos” tab by dragging and dropping a photo. You can also click the “Select a Photo From Your Computer” button and choose a photo from your computer’s file browser.

Or, you can choose an image from your Google Photos album using the “Your Photos” tab.

Select a photo by using the "Upload Photos" or "Your Photos" tab.

Next, click and drag the handles on each corner of the box to crop your profile picture. The areas of the image that aren’t highlighted will be removed. You can also rotate your picture by clicking the “Left” and “Right” buttons to the right of your picture.

Finally, click the “Set as Profile Photo” button in the bottom-left corner of the window.

Your new Google profile picture is set. It may take a few moments for the change to reflect across all Google apps.

How to Change Your Google Profile Picture on Your Mobile Device

To change your Google profile picture on your mobile device, you’ll need to have the Gmail app for iPhone, iPad, or Android installed.

Open the Gmail app and tap your “Profile Picture” in the top-right corner of the screen.

Tap your "Profile Picture" in the Gmail app.

Next, tap the “Camera Icon” that appears next to your profile photo.

On the next screen, tap “Change.”

Tap the "Change" button.

Now you can choose a new photo by choosing either “Take Photo,” which opens your camera for you to take a new photo, or “Choose From Photos,” which opens your phone’s photo album.

Tap "Take Photo" or "Choose From Photos."

Once you’ve selected a photo, you can crop the selected photo by pinching or spreading two fingers on your screen to zoom in or out, respectively. The area of the image that’s not highlighted will be removed.

Tap “Choose” when ready.

Crop your new photo and tap the "Choose" button.

Your Google profile photo is now updated. It may take some time for the update to reflect across all Google apps.

That’s all there is to updating your Google profile photo. If you’re curious about which images you’ve previously used as a profile picture, you can check the “Profile Photos” album in your Google Photos Album Archive.

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