If you’re a system administrator or power user, you may find yourself accessing Administrative Tools quite a bit. Today we show you how to access them faster by adding them to the Start Menu.

Usually you’ll need to navigate to Control Panel to access Administrative Tools. This can be time consuming and annoying for administrators and power users.

Add Administrative Tools to Start Menu

First right-click on the Start Menu and select Properties.

In the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties screen click on Customize.

Scroll down System administrative tools and select Display on the All Programs menu and the Start menu.

Click Ok to accept the changes and close out of the remaining screens. Now when you click on the Start Menu, you’ll see Administrative Tools and can select the different settings and features contained there.

If you want to put a shortcut to Administrative Tools on the desktop you can right-click on the Administrative Tools button we just added to the Start menu and drag to the desktop, or open Control Panel and do the same thing.

These simple tweaks will allow you faster access to resources in the Administrative Tools section.