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Need to check who made changes to a particular cell in Google Sheets? Good news: Google Sheets does have a feature that shows you who made changes, along with a time stamp.

If you’re collaborating with multiple people, it can get hard to track every change that’s made to any Google Sheets document. Particularly with massive spreadsheets, going through version history can get a bit tedious if you’re looking for changes made to a specific cell. Viewing a cell’s edit history is a much easier task.

What You Can See in a Cell’s Edit History

It’s good to know what Google considers an edit to a cell. This will help you know what to expect when you check its edit history. There are three types of changes that show up in Google Sheets’ cell edit history:

  • Changes to the values inside a cell, such as replacing a number with text.
  • Changes to hyperlinks inside a cell.
  • Changes to formulas in a cell.

Apart from this, you’ll also be able to see who made changes, along with a neat time stamp.

The Limitations of Google Sheets’ Cell Edit History Feature

This feature in Google Sheets has a few minor limitations that you should be aware of. While you can see who’s edited a cell and when they did it, you’ll only be able to see one change at a time. It’s a bit tedious to check for changes made a long time ago.

However, you can always go check the version history of your document to hone in on older changes made to the spreadsheet. Do note that some types of changes might not appear in a cell’s edit history, including the following:

  • Changes to the cell’s format, such as changing a text cell to a date format in Google Sheets.
  • Changes made by formulas, which means that if you’ve used the sum function and the result changes, you’ll not be able to see the change in value in the cell’s edit history.
  • Changes related to adding or removing rows and columns.

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Another thing to remember is that this feature will only show you the edit history. You can’t use this to restore older versions of data in any given cell.

How to See the Edit History of a Cell in Google Sheets

Now that we know what we can and can’t see while checking a cell’s edit history in Google Sheets, let’s check out how to use this feature. In Google Sheets, right-click any cell and select “Show edit history.”

If the cell is empty and no changes were made, you’ll see a pop-up that reads “No edit history.”

If you haven't made any changes to a cell in Google Sheets, you'll see a pop-up with the message "No edit history"

If edits were made to the cell, you’ll see a pop-up showing the name of the person who made the change, a time stamp, and details concerning the change.

The edit history of a cell in Google Sheets

Click the left arrow at the top of the pop-up to see older changes.

You can hit the right arrow at the top to see newer changes.

If your change isn’t showing up in edit history, you need to check whether it’s one of those changes that don’t show up here. And for a more detailed log of changes made to your spreadsheet in Google Sheets, you should check its version history.

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