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Not all presentations have to be made in PowerPoint. If your presentation’s content is in a Word document (DOCX file), there are a couple of ways to turn your document into a PowerPoint presentation (PPTX file).

The Easy Way: Do It on the Web

You can easily convert a Word document to a PowerPoint file on the web. It’s an easy process, but you do have to upload your document to Microsoft’s web app. If you’d rather work with your file locally, there’s a way to do that on your PC.

Convert a Word Document to PowerPoint on Desktop

Microsoft Word’s desktop app doesn’t offer the above feature to automatically convert Word files to PowerPoint. Instead, it uses a manual workaround to convert your files.

This workaround involves formatting your Word document in a way that PowerPoint accepts and then importing the document into the PowerPoint app.

First, Format the Word Document

The first step is to make your Word document PowerPoint compatible. To do this, apply the H1 header style to all headers and the H2 header style to all paragraphs in your document.

Start by opening your document with Microsoft Word. In the Word window, select a header in your document.

Select a header in a Word document.

While the header is selected, in the “Styles” section at the top of the Word window, click the “Heading 1” style. Do this for all the headers in your document.

Apply "Header 1" style to a header in a Word document.

Next, select the paragraph beneath your header. Then, in the “Styles” section at the top, click “More,” and then select “Heading 2.” Format all of your document paragraphs this way.

Apply "Header 2" style to paragraphs in a Word document.

Finally, click File > Save in Word’s menu bar to save the document. (Alternatively, press Ctrl+s on Windows or Command+s on Mac.)

Select "File > Save" in Word.

Close the document in Word.

Next, Import the Word Document into PowerPoint

Your Word document is now ready to be imported into PowerPoint and converted into a presentation.

Start the import process by opening PowerPoint on your computer. On the first screen in PowerPoint, click “Blank Presentation” to make a new presentation.

Select "Blank Presentation" on the PowerPoint window.

In the PowerPoint editing window that opens, click the “Home” tab at the top. Then, in the “Slides” section at the top, click the arrow icon beside “New Slide.”

Select “Slides from Outline” in the menu that appears.

Select "Slides from Outline" in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint will ask you to select the file to import into your presentation. Here, select the Word document that you formatted earlier.

Select the Word document to convert to PowerPoint.

Your Word document will now be converted into a PowerPoint presentation. Each “Header 1” in your Word document will now have a dedicated slide in the presentation. Review this presentation and make changes to it if you want.

Review the Word document converted to a PowerPoint presentation.

Lastly, save the presentation by clicking File > Save in PowerPoint’s menu bar.

And that’s all. Your Word document is now ready to be presented to your audience!

Now that you’re done, if you have a PowerPoint presentation that you’d like to convert to Word, there’s a way to do that, too.

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