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Laying out a document with both text and images can sometimes be a challenge. To make this task a bit easier, you can lock an image into a fixed position in Google Docs.

You can choose a spot for the image, adjust it relative to the top left of the page, or pick a quick layout. So when you add, delete, or move text, the image will stay exactly where you want it.

Set a Fixed Position for an Image in Google Docs

With your image in the document, first, you’ll decide how to line it up with the text surrounding it. You can choose to wrap the text, which will place it around the image, or break the text, which will place it above and below.

Select the image to display the toolbar beneath it. Then, click either the Wrap Text or Break Text icon per your preference. For this how-to, we’ll use Break Text.

Next, move over to the Position Options drop-down box in the toolbar. This likely displays as Move With Text. Click the drop-down and pick “Fix Position on Page.”

Select Fix Position on Page

Optionally, you can adjust the image margin in the toolbar. This determines how much space there is between the image and the surrounding text.

Adjust the image margin

Now, you can give your fixed image position a test. If you edit the text around it, add another line, or move the text up, you’ll notice that the image will stay in place.

Image locked on page in Google Docs

Position the Image Relative to the Top Left

One adjustment that you can make to your image’s fixed position is its distance from the top left of the page.

Select the image to display the toolbar, click the three dots on the far right, and choose “All Image Options.”

When the sidebar opens on the right, click to expand the Position section. Below Relative to the Top Left of Page, adjust the X and/or Y values using the arrows or by entering the measurements in inches. Values for X move the image side to side and those for Y move it up or down.

Set the X and Y relative to the top left

Position the Image Using a Quick Layout

Another way to solidify where the image locks in is with one of the Quick Layouts. In the Image Options sidebar, use the arrows to move between the nine layout options.

Quick Layouts in Google Docs

This lets you position the image near the top, middle, or bottom of the page, aligned left, center, or right. Click one of the Quick Layouts to apply it to your image.

Quick Layout applied to image

When you use both text and images and start moving things around, it can be hard to keep the document layout clean. But by locking your image into a fixed position, you can work with your words while your pictures remain in place.

Be sure to check out our tutorial for adding image captions in Google Docs for labeling those pictures as well.

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