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Similar to the feed you see when you log into a social media app, Microsoft provides this tool in OneNote. The feed in OneNote combines notes, shows page changes, and lets you add Sticky Notes in one handy spot.

About Your Feed in OneNote

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind if when using your OneNote feed:

  • The feature is available in OneNote for Windows 10, OneNote desktop, OneNote for the web, and OneNote for Android.
  • The feed syncs notes associated with the same Microsoft account including OneNote, Samsung Notes, and Sticky Notes across your devices.

Open the Feed in OneNote

Luckily, you can view your feed in OneNote with the simple click of a button. On the top right corner of the OneNote window or screen, click the Open Feed icon.

This displays the feed pane on the right side and shows your most recent edits and additions.

Feed pane in OneNote

How to Use Your OneNote Feed

While the feed in OneNote is a great place to review your latest items, it does offer more than just a quick glance at notes. You can switch between accounts, create and edit Sticky Notes, open a OneNote page or Samsung Note, and search or filter.

Switch Microsoft Accounts

If you have more than one Microsoft account that you use with OneNote, you can switch between them easily in the feed.

At the top of the feed pane, click your current account to display a drop-down list of options. Select “Sign Out.”

When the pane refreshes, select the account you want to use at the bottom or click “Add Another Account” to connect a different Microsoft account.

Create or Edit a Sticky Note

It’s super easy to add a Sticky Note in the OneNote feed. Click “Add a Note” near the top of the pane.

Type in your note and then customize it if you like. Use the three dots on the top right to change the color or the toolbar at the bottom to format the font, create a bullet list, or insert an image.

Sticky Note in OneNote feed

When you finish with your note, click the arrow on the top left to return to your feed.

If you want to edit a note you see in your feed, just click it. This will open it in the same type of screen as when you created it. After you make changes, click the arrow to go back to your feed and your edits will be saved.

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Open a OneNote Page

You can see OneNote pages that you’ve recently created or edited in your feed. And this includes pages you’ve worked on in the OneNote application on other devices or the web.

Click a page (block) in your OneNote feed to open it. You can also right-click to copy a link to it or remove it from your feed.

OneNote page in feed

Open a Samsung Note

If you use Samsung Notes on your mobile device, you can sync them with OneNote to display in your feed. To open a Samsung Note, simply click it in your OneNote feed. When you finish, click “Back” on the top left to return to your feed.

Search and Filter Your Feed

When you need to find a particular item in your feed, you have two options. You can use the convenient Search box at the top or the Filter options.

To search, enter a keyword or phrase into the Search box. You’ll see results with the word or phrase highlighted beneath.

Search your OneNote feed

To filter, click the Filter icon and select a type from the drop-down list. You can filter by OneNote Pages, Samsung Notes, or Sticky Notes. The default option is to display All Notes.

Filter your OneNote feed

When you finish with your feed, you can close it by clicking the X on the top right or the Open Feed button (to deselect it) on the top right of the window or screen.

If you do a lot of work in OneNote, the feed will be a handy tool for you. You can quickly see recent pages, create new notes, and find what you need in a hurry.

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