A Spotify playlist on iPhone, with the "Find in Playlist" option shown on screen.

Finding a specific song in a 150-song Spotify playlist can be tedious, but we’re going to show you how to search within playlists easily on iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac.

This feature is available on Spotify’s apps, but unfortunately not on its web player. Spotify doesn’t show this option in certain algorithm-based playlists such as Uniquely Yours, but it works for almost all other playlists on the service.

Search for Songs in Spotify Playlists on iPhone

Spotify for iPhone hides the playlist search option, but we’ll show you how to find it easily. First, launch the Spotify app and open any playlist.

A Spotify playlist on iPhone.

On the Playlists screen, swipe downward anywhere on the screen to reveal a “Find in Playlist” search bar.

Tap “Find in Playlist” and type the name of the song or artist you’re looking for.

Tap the "Find in Playlist" search bar and type in a search.

You’ll see a list of results just below the search bar. To play any song in the list, tap it.

Search for Songs in Spotify Playlists on Android

Spotify’s Android app takes a slightly different approach to letting you find songs within a playlist. Load any playlist and then tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Select “Find in Playlist” to search for songs in the playlist.

Tap "Find in Playlist" to start searching for specific songs in Spotify playlists on Android.

Tap “Find in playlist” once more to be able to use the search box.

Tap "Find in Playlist" to look for songs in Spotify's playlists on Android.

Type the name of the song or artist to reveal the search results. You can then tap the name of the song to play it. Note that if you search for an artist, Spotify will show you all the songs of that particular artist that are a part of the playlist.

If you type the name of the artist in the search box, Spotify shows you all the songs by that artist in your playlist.


Search for Songs in Spotify Playlists on Windows or Mac

Spotify’s apps on Windows and Mac take a similar approach to letting you find songs within playlists. First, launch the app, and then open any playlist in Spotify for Windows or Mac. Next, click the magnifying glass icon above the first song in the playlist.

This reveals the “Search in Playlist” box. By typing a song title or artist into this box, you can easily look for songs within playlists.

The "Search in Playlist" option on Spotify for Windows and Mac.

With your playlists arranged and your songs found, you might want to check out how to use Spotify offline on Windows and Mac.

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