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Microsoft OneNote provides an option to close notebooks within the app—but this doesn’t permanently delete it. To get rid of the notebook forever, you’ll need to locate and delete the source file (locally on Windows 10 or in OneDrive). Here’s how.

Closing vs. Deleting Notebooks in OneNote

There’s an important difference to note between closing and deleting a notebook in OneNote. When you close a notebook, it doesn’t permanently remove the content within that notebook—it simply removes it from the list of available notebooks in the OneNote application. The data within that notebook can still be accessed from the source file.

To permanently remove the content from existence, you’ll need to locate and delete the source file of the notebook. Where is the source file stored? The obvious answer is it depends on where you saved it, but that can also depend on which OS you’re using.

How to Delete a OneNote Notebook in OneDrive

You can save your OneNote notebook to OneDrive using both Mac and Windows 10. However, If you’re using a Mac, you can only save your notebook to OneDrive—it doesn’t give you the option to store it locally.

On your Mac or Windows 10 PC, open a web browser of your choice and go to Microsoft OneDrive. Once there, you’ll automatically be in the “My Files” tab.

My Files tab in OneDrive

Here, open the “Documents” folder by clicking it.

Documents folder

Next, click the “OneNote Notebooks” folder.

OneNote Notebooks folder on OneDrive

Right-click the notebook you want to delete and then click the “Delete” option from the context menu that appears.

Delete option in OneDrive

The notebook is now deleted from OneDrive.

How to Delete a OneNote Notebook in Windows 10

If you want to delete a notebook stored locally on Windows 10, open File Explorer and navigate to your “Documents” folder. Open the “OneNote Notebooks” folder, which OneNote creates for notebook storage by default.

OneNote Notebooks folder

Once there, right-click the folder you want to delete. Click “Delete” in the context menu that appears.

Delete option

The notebook is now deleted from your local machine. If your notebook contains confidential or sensitive information, it’s a good idea to double-check OneDrive to make sure all traces of the file are gone.

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