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If you want to share your OneNote notes with someone who doesn’t have OneNote, or if you want to prevent accidental editing of your notes, convert them to a PDF file. Here’s how it’s done.

PDF Saving Behavior Varies by Platform

OneNote notebooks contain one or more sections, and each section contains one or more pages. To illustrate what that means, here’s a chart to show the structure of a OneNote notebook:

OneNote Notebook structure

What you can save as a PDF in OneNote depends on which OS you’re using. OneNote for Windows 10 lets you save a page, a section, or the entire notebook as a PDF. However, OneNote for Mac only lets you save the single page that you’re currently on as a PDF.

The instructions for converting OneNote notes to a PDF are also different between Windows 10 and Mac. We’ll show you how to do both.

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How to Convert OneNote Notes to a PDF on Windows 10

To get started, launch OneNote for Windows. Open the OneNote notebook you would like to convert to a PDF. Once it’s loaded, click the “File” tab on the ribbon.

File tab in Microsoft OneNote

In the left-hand menu, click “Export.”

Export option

Next, select which part of the notebook you’d like to export from the “1. Export Current” group. You can choose between the “Page,” “Section,” or “Notebook” that you’re currently working in.

Export current option

In the “2. Select Format” group, select “PDF” from the list of file types, and then click “Export.”

Export format options

File Explorer will open. Choose the location in which you would like to save your file, name it, and then click “Save.”

File explorer save location

Your PDF file is now ready. You can open it using a web browser or your favorite PDF viewer.

How to Convert OneNote Notes to a PDF on Mac

Exporting OneNote notes on a Mac is fairly easy, but as mentioned above, Mac only lets you save the page that you’re currently on—you can’t save a section or the entire notebook.

First, open the OneNote app, and then load the notebook that contains the page you would like to convert to a PDF. Next, click “File” in the menu bar.

File tab in OneNote for Mac

Click “Save as PDF” in the drop-down menu.

Save as PDF option

The “Save As” window will appear. Name your file, choose the location in which you would like to save it, and click “Save.”

Save location in Mac

Your PDF file is now ready for later viewing. Repeat this as often as you like to export more OneNote pages to PDF files.

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