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Part of owning gadgets is the occasional need to reset them. Google Nest Hubs are no different, but it’s not super clear how to do it. We’ll show you how to perform a factory reset of your Google Assistant smart display.

Executing a factory reset can sometimes fix any errant behavior. If your Nest Hub is running abnormally slow or seems unresponsive, a factory reset might help. You would also want to do this before selling or giving the smart display to someone else.

Unlike a lot of actions and settings within the Nest Hub, you can’t factory reset it from the Google Home app. To make things even more confusing, it can’t be done from the Settings on the smart display itself, either.

You might think that you can do it from the Nest Hub’s System settings. It clearly lists “Reset” as one of the options under the “Device Information” settings. However, you won’t find anything about resetting the device in there.

google nest reset options
Nope, you can’t reset it here.

So, how do you do it? All of the Google Nest Hub models have volume buttons on the backside of the display. These are what you use to perform a factory reset.

Warning: A factory reset will wipe all of your data off the smart display and take it back to the original settings.

Press and hold both the volume up and down buttons together for 10 seconds.

hold the volume buttons

A message will appear on the screen with the 10-second countdown.

A factory reset pop-up message on the Nest Hub

If you continue holding the buttons during the countdown, you’ll hear a chime, and the device will reboot and reset.

Google Nest Hub restarting during the reset process

That’s it! The Nest Hub will restart to the original setup screen. You can stop here if you’re giving the device to someone else, or you can go through the setup process again.

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