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Almost identical to the Text Predictions feature in Microsoft Word is Smart Compose for Google Docs. The feature uses machine learning to provide you with suggestions to help you write your documents quickly. Here’s how it works.

Smart Compose Availability

At the time of writing, Smart Compose in Google Docs is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French for business and educational Google Workspace accounts. You can use Smart Compose in Google Docs online along with the Android, iPhone, and iPad mobile apps.

Turn on Smart Compose in Google Docs

To get started with the Smart Compose feature, head over to Google Docs’ desktop website, sign in with your Google work or school account, and open a document.

Next, click Tools > Preferences from the menu.

Select the General tab at the top of the pop-up window and check the box for “Show Smart Compose Suggestions.” Click the “OK” button to proceed.

Check the box for Show Smart Compose Suggestions

At the time of writing, Smart Compose is enabled by default in the Google Docs mobile app. You may see a notification about this feature when you open a document.

Smart Compose Enabled Message in Google Docs on iPhone

Use Smart Compose in Google Docs

You can now use Smart Compose in your Google Doc. Start typing text and, when the feature recognizes suggestions, you’ll see them. These predictions appear to the right of the text that you’re typing. The suggestions are dimmed and include a Tab key indicator.

Smart Compose suggestions in Google Docs online

To accept a suggestion, press Tab or your right arrow key. If Google gets the suggestion wrong and you want to ignore it, simply continue to type the text that you want.

If you’re using Google Docs on your Android device or iPhone, you’ll see suggestions similar to the way you do online. The predicted, dimmed text displays to the right and has a Swipe indicator.

Smart Compose suggestions in Google Docs mobile

To accept a suggestion, swipe on the text to the right. Also, to ignore a suggestion, simply continue entering the text that you want.

If you like this feature, check out how to use Smart Compose in Gmail, too.

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