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Every Android device allows you to take screenshots, but what do you do after you take one? Many Android smartphones and tablets now immediately give you some options after taking a screenshot. It’s easy to make quick edits before sharing a screenshot.

Since we’re dealing with Android, there are multiple ways to not only take a screenshot but to edit it as well. Samsung Galaxy devices have several methods, and if you’re crafty, you can even add your own.

The most universal method for taking a screenshot is to press the Volume Down and Power buttons together until the screen flashes. This will work on the majority of Android phones and tablets.

So what happens next? That depends on the device manufacturer as well. We’ll show you how to quickly edit a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy device and a Google Pixel phone.

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Edit a Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy Phone

Using one of the methods available on Samsung Galaxy devices, take a screenshot. This will bring up a floating toolbar with an edit icon—tap it.

samsung image toolbar

You’ll be brought to a basic image editing screen. First, grab the corners of the highlighted section to crop the screenshot.

image cropping

Next, underneath the screenshot is a floating toolbar with some options. These include the option to draw, erase, undo, redo, share, and save the screenshot.

image toolbar

The drawing tool has a number of different pens and brushes along with colors to choose from.

drawing options

Once you’re done editing, tap the down-arrow icon to save the screenshot to your phone or tablet. Samsung devices put screenshots in the gallery along with photos taken with the camera.

save image

Edit a Screenshot on a Google Pixel Phone

Google Pixel phones have two methods for taking screenshots, including the Volume Down + Power button method.

After you take the screenshot, you’ll see a preview of the image in the bottom-left corner. From here you can tap “Edit.”

image preview

This will take you to a basic photo editing screen. First, you can grab the corners to crop the screenshot.

crop image

You can also use the marker or highlighter in the bottom toolbar to draw or markup the screenshot. Each one has a few color options as well.

marker and highlighter

If you make a mistake, tap the undo or redo buttons.

undo and redo

When you’re done editing, tap “Done” in the top-left corner.

tap done

Then select “Save” from the pop-up message. The image will be saved to the “Screenshots” folder on your device.

save image

That’s all there is to it for Google Pixel phones! It’s a quick and easy way to make simple edits to a screenshot.

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