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What You Said: Favorite Mobile Calendar App?


Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite mobile calendar app; you weighed in and now we’re back to highlight the trends in your comments.

Overwhelmingly readers were pretty content with the native apps on their smartphones. The magic combination seemed to be a good native app, that synced with Google Calendar, and then possibly enhanced with a good homescreen widget. Dave writes:

I use the native Android calendar app because I can quickly view my three calendars, my wife’s four calendars, and several calendars shared with family & friends. On my homescreen I use CalWidget (free in the Android Market) because I can easily see all upcoming events and the color coding of the actual event text helps differentiate which is mine.

Kerensky97 sticks to just the native app:

Used to love Pocket Informant but the native Calendar on Android is good enough that I don’t feel like paying for a “more feature rich” calendar is worth it.
It covers all the major bases I need, adds in the ability for bringing together multiple calendars and auto syncs to the cloud rather well. If I eve need to make changes I can do it from Google on my laptop or from the calendar on my phone and know the changes will sync to my other devices.

Lest you think we only heard from Android users, iPhone users were just as happy using the native app and syncing to Google. DK123 writes:

I use the native iPhone calendar. Syncs with my Google calendars. Google calendar on browser on desktop. I don’t see a need for any third-party calendar app for the iPhone.

For more application recommendations, hit up the original comment thread here. Have a question you want put before the How-To Geek audience? Shoot us an email at

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  • Published 09/2/11

Comments (16)

  1. notovny

    My biggest problem with the iOS calendar app is that, when syched with my Google Calendar, it doesn’t recognize when an individual event has more than one notification alert set. For some events, I like to have a 10 minute warning, a five-minute warning, and a two-minute warning, but iOS only grabs one of them.

  2. Johnathan

    I second notovny, on android my irritation is that you can’t set more than one reminder for your calendar. Sometimes I like to be reminded twice.

  3. Leonick

    Indeed, the calendar of iOS is one of the reasons I think an iPhone will be my main mobile device for quite some time…

    Then again I guess if I could sync an iCloud calendar (which will likely have the same feature set as the iOS Calendar) that might just do :p

    I tried Google calendar last week, hoped I could add my calendars there and the sync to my iPhone, iPad and Galaxy Tab 7… It failed me right of the bat thought, it couldn’t add the iCals for my two university courses (with some parameters) straight from the site, I had the save the file and then add it, I want it to be updated if the school change anything though so that’s a no go.
    Hopefully iCloud will be as great as the iOS calendar and be able to periodically fetch the iCals of the server.

  4. Danny

    The best calendar i’ve used is the WebOs calendar.

  5. Susan

    I use google calendar which I call Gagenda on the computer mostly. I want a way to send the calendar and email from another source and have it load automatically. I am working on a form for that purpose that way I can keep all my appts in 1 calendar. I think the calendar function is great, but I would add and alarm clock to it and make the page more freindly. I would also add a fax function so it could add items from a fax source.

  6. Jake

    notovny…how bout you just remember the freaking event after the first alarm? is your alzheimers so bad you forget about it within the 10 minutes from notification to event?

  7. Jack

    “Business Calendar” on Android….awesome.

  8. Michael

    re: The best calendar i’ve used is the WebOs calendar.

    I agree, WebOS’s calendar is awesome and syncs seamlessly with Google calendar. The rest of the WebOS basic apps (Email, Facebook etc) are also excellent. Too bad their app library is severely lacking and won’t be getting any better. :-/

  9. AbyssDepot


    Can you be a bigger freaking douchebag? Or is your torretts so bad you can’t control your immature outbursts?

  10. BigJohn

    Why do you people not use “spell-check”?
    If you are so important that you need multiple calendars and 5 reminders, why can’t you compose a simple comment in English?

  11. shea

    My gosh, people actually flaming over a calendar.

  12. Liz

    Some people do need multiple reminders because of poor memory or poor organization due to things such as ADHD or brain trauma. Demeaning those people based on your own uninformed judgments only demeans yourself.
    As for calendars, my own $.02 worth… despite my love of electronic gadgets, I find a simple paper calendar that I can carry with me works best for actual meetings and appointments. For to-do lists, including recurring tasks, my favorite app at the moment is Remember the Milk. I also use it to remind me of meetings and appointments.

  13. snert

    The calendar on the wall with the pictures of the cute lil’ kitties that has the important days circled in red.
    Why would I need electronic reminders when to do things?
    Is everybody so rushed and all in a hurry to DOING THINGS they can’t remember their sisters birthday?

  14. Kbscores

    What is amazing about google calendar is it syncs automatically with outlook when google sync is used.

  15. CareyV

    Google calendar doesn’t seem to sink with Outlook Business Contact Manager Calendar. I only see my REALLY OLD recurring Outlook calendar items.

  16. Seounhyoung

    My best calendar app is the s-diary for iPhone and iPad. It’s design is pretty and simple. And it can manage tasks and memos also.

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