Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite mobile calendar app; you weighed in and now we’re back to highlight the trends in your comments.

Overwhelmingly readers were pretty content with the native apps on their smartphones. The magic combination seemed to be a good native app, that synced with Google Calendar, and then possibly enhanced with a good homescreen widget. Dave writes:

I use the native Android calendar app because I can quickly view my three calendars, my wife’s four calendars, and several calendars shared with family & friends. On my homescreen I use CalWidget (free in the Android Market) because I can easily see all upcoming events and the color coding of the actual event text helps differentiate which is mine.

Kerensky97 sticks to just the native app:

Used to love Pocket Informant but the native Calendar on Android is good enough that I don’t feel like paying for a “more feature rich” calendar is worth it.
It covers all the major bases I need, adds in the ability for bringing together multiple calendars and auto syncs to the cloud rather well. If I eve need to make changes I can do it from Google on my laptop or from the calendar on my phone and know the changes will sync to my other devices.

Lest you think we only heard from Android users, iPhone users were just as happy using the native app and syncing to Google. DK123 writes:

I use the native iPhone calendar. Syncs with my Google calendars. Google calendar on browser on desktop. I don’t see a need for any third-party calendar app for the iPhone.

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