nest hub with family note

Google smart displays are great central hubs for households. One feature that ties into this is “Family Notes.” It’s essentially a modern version of leaving a sticky note on the fridge. We’ll show you how to use them.

Family Notes appear on the ambient screen (a.k.a. screensaver) of all the Google Assistant-enabled smart displays, such as the Nest Hub, in your home. The notes show which member of the household left the note—assuming they’re registered on the device—and when it was left.

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With your smart display nearby, say one of the following commands:

  • “Hey Google, create a Family Note.”
  • “Hey Google, leave a Family Note.”

Google Assistant will ask you what the note should say. Answer with the message you want on the note. You can also say it all in one long command, like this:

  • “Hey Google, leave a Family Note that we went out to ice cream.”

The Family Note will look like this on the ambient screen.

family note on ambient display

They are also displayed on the home screen. If you’d like, you can also say “Hey Google, show all Family Notes.”

family note on home screen

To delete the note, simply select it to open and then tap the trash can icon. You can also say “Hey Google, delete Family Notes.”

delete family note

That’s all there is to Family Notes! This is a simple but effective update to old-school sticky notes. Give it a try next time you need to leave a note behind!

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