The "Close All Apps" app highlighted on a Mac's Dock.

Do you find it too tedious to close each open app individually on your Mac? With Automator on Mac, you can make an app that closes all your running apps with a single click. Here’s how.

How This Works

The Automator app on Mac helps automate many of your routine tasks, including closing apps. You can create an app that quits all running apps and then pin it to the Dock.

Then, you can single-click the custom app on the Dock when you want to close all your Mac apps. Pretty easy!

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Close All Running Apps with a Single Click on Mac

To start creating an app that closes all running apps on Mac, open Automator. Do this by pressing Command+Spacebar to open Spotlight, typing “Automator,” and selecting “Automator” in the results.

Searching "Automator" in Spotlight on Mac.

In Automator, select File > New in the menu bar at the top to create a new app. Alternatively, press Command+N.

In the “Choose a type for your document” pop-up that opens, select “Application.” Then, click “Choose” at the bottom of the pop-up.

Next, Automator’s main window will open. In the top-left corner, select “Actions.” Then, click the text box next to “Actions” and type “Quit All Applications.”

Search "Quit All Applications" in Automator's Actions list.

An action named “Quit All Applications” will appear beneath the text box. Drag this action and drop it onto the gray pane on the right. This adds the action to your app.

Add "Quit All Applications" to the Automator workflow.

Automator will now let you configure your newly added action. In the “Quit All Applications” section on the right of the Automator window, enable the “Ask to save changes” option if you want your app to ask to save changes before the running apps are closed.

Then, in the “Do not quit” section, click “Add” to add an app that must not be closed when you run your Automator app. For example, if you want all your apps to close except for your web browser, add your web browser here.

Configure "Quit All Applications" in Automator.

Save your app by clicking File > Save in Automator’s menu bar.

In the save prompt, click the “Save As” box and enter a name for your app. Click the “Where” drop-down menu and choose “Desktop,” and then hit “Save” at the bottom.

Automator's save prompt.

Your newly built app will now be available on your desktop. Double-click this app to close all running apps on your Mac.

To make this a single-click process, drag your app from your desktop and drop it onto the Dock at the bottom of your Mac’s screen. Then, single-click your custom app in the Dock and it will close all running apps.

The "Close All Apps" app on a Mac's Dock.

That’s how you get rid of all your open apps at once.

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