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By default, you need to make two clicks to open a link in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Using a workaround, you can make it so that the link opens with a single click. We’ll show you how to do this.

How This Works

This workaround publishes your Google Sheets spreadsheet as a web page. You then single-click the links on this web page to open them.

Google gives you a unique URL for your published web page. You use this URL to access your spreadsheet as a web page on the internet. Make sure that you only share this URL with those who you want to give access to your spreadsheet’s data.

Open Links in a Google Sheets Spreadsheet with a Single Click

To begin, open Google Sheets in your web browser and access your spreadsheet.

When the spreadsheet opens, click File > Publish to the web in the Google Sheets menu bar.

On the “Publish to the web” pop-up that opens, click the “Link” tab. Then, click “Entire Document” and choose whether to publish your entire spreadsheet or a specific sheet. Select “Web Page” from the second drop-down menu.

Then, click “Published content & settings” to view more options.

Configure publish options for a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

In the expanded pop-up, activate the “Automatically republish when changes are made” option, and then click “Start publishing.”

Select “OK” in the prompt that appears on your screen.

Select "OK" in the publish prompt on Google Sheets.

You can now see a link in the “Publish to the web” pop-up. Click this link box and press Ctrl+c on Windows or Command+c on Mac to copy the link.

Copy link from the "Publish to the web" popup on Google Sheets

Open a new tab in your browser, paste the copied link in the address bar, and press “Enter.”

Now, you can single-click any link in your spreadsheet (which has been published as a web page) to open the link.

A Google Sheets spreadsheet published as a web page.

And that’s how you make opening links easier in your spreadsheets!

When you’re finished working with your links, it’s probably best to unpublish the web page for privacy reasons. To do this, open your spreadsheet with Google Sheets, click File > Publish to the web in the menu bar, and select “Stop publishing.”

Select "Stop publishing" in the "Publish to the web" popup on Google Sheets.

That’s it!

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