Annotate and Highlight text in PDFs in Microsoft Edge

There will be times that you have to markup a PDF, highlight specific text, or annotate something. Instead of searching for a dedicated PDF reader, you can perform all of that inside the Microsoft Edge web browser.

You don’t need to download or install any add-ons or extensions to use Microsoft Edge’s PDF features. You can use them with most PDF files online, as well as those saved on your Windows 10 PC and Mac.

How to Annotate PDFs in Microsoft Edge

The PDF reader feature in Microsoft Edge lets you annotate both offline and online PDF files. First, open any online PDF or a web page saved as a PDF in the Edge browser. You’ll see the PDF toolbar when the PDF file opens.

PDF Toolbar in Microsoft Edge

Click on the downward arrow next to the pen tool to pick a different color and adjust the pen’s thickness.

Pick color and adjust thickness for the pen tool in PDF Toolbar in Edge

Hold down the left-click mouse button to start annotating anywhere in the PDF. If you want to remove a stroke or some scribbles, click the eraser button in the PDF toolbar.

Eraser button from the PDF toolbar

Once you finish annotating, click the save button that looks like a floppy disk to save the changes and download the online PDF file.

Save Button on PDF Toolbar in Microsoft Edge

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How to Highlight Text in PDFs in Microsoft Edge

Highlighting important text in any PDF file is easy. First, open the PDF file in which you’d like to highlight text. When the PDF toolbar loads, click the highlighter tool button or the down arrow next to it to pick a color.

Highlight tool color options in PDF toolbar in Microsoft Edge

Hold down the left-click mouse button to highlight text.

Highlight text using PDF Toolbar in Microsoft Edge

Let’s say that you want to switch the highlight color of the text that you’ve already highlighted. Right-click on the highlight, select the “Highlight” option, and pick a new color (or none to remove the highlight).

Remove or change Highlight color of text in PDF inside Microsoft-Edge

Once you’re done, click the save button to add all the changes to the PDF file.

How to Add Notes to a PDF in Microsoft Edge

You can include notes or comments with the highlighted text for reference purposes in the PDF files in Edge. That could be a remark, a comment about changing text, or a link.

Right-click on the highlighted text and select the “Add Comment” option.

Select Add Comment Option for highlight in Microsoft Edge

That brings up a comment box (which looks like a Sticky note) for you to add text or links in.

Comment Box on PDF in Microsoft Edge

After adding text or a link in the comment box, click the checkmark button to save your comment.

Add Save Comment in PDF using Microsoft Edge

When you hover the mouse pointer over the comment counter, it will pop out a card with the comment text.

Comment Bubble Hover card in Microsoft Edge for PDFs

How to Identify Fillable Forms and Edit PDFs in Microsoft Edge

There’s no obvious way to identify fillable PDF forms online without opening them. Such being the case, you have to open any online PDF form to check whether it’s fillable or not in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge offers visual indicators to differentiate that, with highlighted boxes in fillable (or editable) PDFs online.

Highlighted Boxes PDF form in Microsoft Edge

Click on those boxes and type any text. If you don’t see any highlighted boxes, you can’t edit the PDF form in Microsoft Edge.

PDF without edit support in Microsoft Edge

But you can still annotate them and highlight the text (as shown above).

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