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Ask The Readers: What’s Your Favorite Mobile Calendar App?

The best place to have your calendar is with you. This week we want to hear about your favorite mobile calendar app and your best on-the-go calendar tips and tricks.

Smartphones and other mobile devices have ushered in an era of having an always available, automatically updated, calendar right in your pocket. This week we want to hear about your favorite calendar application. What makes it special? What tips and tricks can you share for that app (or any calendar app) that have helped you out? There’s a good chance many of your fellow readers understand the utility of a good calendar application but they just haven’t started yet–get them on board with a solid recommendation and a killer tip or two.

Make sure to check back on Friday for the What You Said roundup to see which apps were the most popular and to score some tips and tricks from your fellow readers.

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  • Published 08/31/11

Comments (32)

  1. Bossbraom

    My favorite mobile calendar for my iphone is Pocket Informant, because it can use my 3 diferent calendars of google calendar at same time.

  2. Wayne

    I use an app on my iPad called Week Cal HD. It automatically syncs with my Mobile Calendars and in turn that is synced with my desktops and laptop. It has a simple user interface, good weekly over view and is quite easy to use.

  3. Jeff

    Business Calendar for Android. Was free app of the day on Amazon Appstore a while back and am loving it ever since. It makes it easier to see all your events and easy to add them. The widgets are also really useful.

  4. Wayne

    That should have been “MobileMe” calendars above.

  5. Julian

    the stock WP7 calendar, syncs with exchange, google, facebook -> everything i need

  6. Dave

    I use the native Android calendar app because I can quickly view my three calendars, my wife’s four calendars, and several calendars shared with family & friends. On my homescreen I use CalWidget (free in the Android Market) because I can easily see all upcoming events and the color coding of the actual event text helps differentiate which is mine.

  7. Ricardo

    In android, my favourite app is Jorte. Amazing!

  8. SDreamer

    Native calendar program on my Touch Pro (WinMo 6.1) with Activesync. Only thing I wish is that it supported multiple calendars…

  9. Rohugh

    I have always used the Google Calendar on desktop and when I got a Blackberry it was easy to set up and sync on there. Does all I need, no fuss.

  10. Kerensky97

    Used to love Pocket Informant but the native Calendar on Android is good enough that I don’t feel like paying for a “more feature rich” calendar is worth it.
    It covers all the major bases I need, adds in the ability for bringing together multiple calendars and auto syncs to the cloud rather well. If I eve need to make changes I can do it from google on my laptop or from the calendar on my phone and know the changes will sync to my other devices.

  11. Stephen

    I use calendar pad for android with the GO launcher EX calendar widget

  12. Kelly

    Android: I use the default Google calendar app with LPP+ calendar/agenda widget

  13. Ray

    I’ve been using Jorte for a long time now and can’t live without it. Tried Business calendar when it was free on Amazon, but just didn’t like it..

  14. Samon53

    I pretty much always have my laptop with me so use software on it. I mainly use Checker Plus for Google Calendar for everything. Copy events to my watch-phone If I really need to.

  15. AbbaDabba

    Checkmark Calendar and Checkmark sync easily with your Google tasks and Calendars. Good layout, easy to use.

  16. jackrob

    I was using Jorte on my Android, but switched to Business Calendar which interfaces beautifully with my Google calendar and has a fantastic widget.

  17. David Manuel

    Pocket Informant on the iPad – syncs automatically with Google calendar – cool!

  18. TomSr

    I use Calengoo on my iPad and Droid. Syncs with Google Calendar, so I am always up to date. Also, supports multiple calendars so I can see at a glance what is on my spouse’s calendar.

    Good program!

  19. Bobby G

    Calengoo for my Android.

  20. chaos

    I personally love Jorte, free app on android market.

  21. westie

    Anything that can handle repeat instances. O don’t think anyone desktop or mobile has got it right yet.. then add delegates.. total nightmare. Even Google fails here

  22. jjib

    Google calendar mainly because I can’t be bothered to look for another

  23. xda2man

    I use Touch Calendar. Personally the best Calendar for Android and syncs with Google Calendar online too.

  24. annexgb

    Calvetica for iOS. Fast entry, supports multiple Google calendars, tasks, snoozing of appointments, universal (iPhone/iPad). Not an employee, just a raving fan. :)

  25. R. C.

    Google, after Yahoo went unavailable for months and finally put out one that doesn’t work well and MobileMe messed theirs up so it deleted and won’t sync Outlook or reminders and leaves multiple copies. Google does the job flawlessly and reliably.

  26. astral_cyborg

    Google Calendar and on PC’s that do not have an Internet connection, I use Sunbird.

  27. Rose Tyler

    I use the Calendar Widget that comes with LauncherPro Plus (it updates with Google Calendar).

  28. DK123

    I use the native iPhone calendar. Syncs with my Google calendars. Google calendar on browser on desktop. I don’t see a need for any third-party calendar app for the iPhone.

  29. expat53

    Yahoo widgets

  30. Wil

    Calengoo for iOS, it really looks and feels like google calendar.

  31. Sheila S.

    I use cozi calendar. I don’t have an iphone nor do I have a data plan on my phone. With cozi I can call an 800 number and receive my calendar information for what ever day I choose. It is convenient for me and there is no extra charge of having a data plan or internet on my cell phone. You can add your windows live calendar as well as your google calendar to cozi and I have done that; and you can probably add others; those are the two that I have added. Neat calendar application; check it out.

  32. Aart

    I use weekcalender HD: super!

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