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If you regularly work on Microsoft PowerPoint, you should consider enabling AutoSave for your presentations. Here’s how you can directly save PowerPoint presentations to OneDrive if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Remember that you’ll have to enable this once every time you open a new PowerPoint presentation. After that, AutoSave will keep saving changes to the presentation when you make them.

You should note that OneDrive needs to be set up separately, even if you’ve logged in to Microsoft Office on your computer. You just need to open the OneDrive app on your computer and sign in to your Microsoft account. Once you’ve done that, OneDrive will be set up and ready to use on your computer.

Automatically Save PowerPoint Presentations to OneDrive

With OneDrive set up, open Microsoft PowerPoint and select the “File” menu at the top.

Click “New” on the left pane.

Select “Blank Presentation” or any template that you like.

Hit the toggle next to AutoSave and make sure that it’s set to “On.”

You’ll see a pop-up message where you’ll need to select “OneDrive.”

Now, name your presentation, and then click “OK.”

Name your PowerPoint presentation

From this moment on, PowerPoint will keep saving your presentation automatically. You can find your saved presentations in the Documents folder in OneDrive by default. If you use OneDrive just to store your Office documents, you’re unlikely to run out of storage anytime soon, because you get 1TB of storage along with your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Your file is now being automatically saved to OneDrive

Change Where PowerPoint Presentations Are Saved in OneDrive

Changing the location of your saved PowerPoint presentations is a good idea if you like to sort your work into neat folders. You can do this easily by opening any presentation in MicrosoftPowerPoint and clicking “File.”

Now, select “Save a Copy.”

Click “OneDrive,” which is in the pane labeled Save a Copy.

Here, you can click “More options” to open a window.

Alternatively, you can click “New Folder” in PowerPoint and start organizing your presentations.

When you’re done, select the folder that you just created.

Select the folder you created

Hit “Save.”

This will save your presentation in a new folder in OneDrive. The next time you create a PowerPoint presentation, you can use this method to either save it in the same folder or to create a new one if you wish to.

To verify that your file is saved in the correct folder, click the file name at the top and check the directory under OneDrive.

Check where your file is saved

Now that AutoSave is enabled on PowerPoint, you should try embedding a Microsoft PowerPoint slide in a Word Document. You can also try sharing your Word document using OneDrive.

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