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Whether you choose to save addresses, payment methods, or both, you can speed up form entry using your web browser’s autofill settings. Here’s how to set up and use autofill in Mozilla Firefox.

Enable Autofill in Firefox

To use the autofill feature in Firefox, you must first enable it. And luckily, you can enable it for addresses and credit cards separately. This is convenient if you prefer not to use it for one or the other.

To begin, open Firefox and click the Application Menu icon (three lines) on the top right. On Windows, pick “Options,” and on macOS, pick “Preferences.”

Select “Privacy & Security” on the left of the Settings screen and scroll down to the Forms and Autofill section on the right.

Select Privacy and Security and go to Forms and Autofill

Check the box(es) for the autofill options that you want to use. You can pick “Autofill Addresses,” “Autofill Credit Cards,” or both.

Enable Autofill settings in Firefox

Add Autofill Details

You can add information to the autofill area in Firefox to speed up form-filling in the future. Go back to the same spot where you enabled the feature in Privacy & Security > Forms and Autofill.

Autofill for Addresses and Cards

Add Addresses

To add an address, phone number, or email address, click “Saved Addresses,” and then hit “Add.”

You can enter as little or as much information as you like. This is convenient if you only want to save your name or an email address, for instance.

Click “Save,” and the details will display in your list of Saved Addresses.

Add a new autofill address

Add Credit Cards

Many people don’t feel comfortable saving payment information for use with autofill. But if this is something you’d like to do, it’s just as easy as saving the address details.

Click “Saved Credit Cards,” and then hit “Add.”

Enter the details for your credit card and click “Save.” The card will then display in your list of Saved Credit Cards.

Add a new autofill credit card

There is a useful setting to require authentication for automatically filling credit card details. The feature is available on both Windows and macOS. By checking the box to require authentication, you’ll be prompted to enter your computer password to use the autofill option for your credit card.

Check the box to authenticate autofill for credit cards

The authentication setting is optional. But if you’d like that added security, it’s a good idea to enable it.

Edit or Remove Autofill Items

If you have a change of address or new expiration date for a credit card, you can easily edit your saved autofill items. Head back to Privacy & Security > Forms and Autofill and choose either “Saved Addresses” or “Saved Credit Cards.”

To edit an item, select it in the list and click “Edit.” Make your changes and click “Save.”

Edit a saved address

To delete an item, select it in the list and click “Remove.” You will not be asked to confirm this action, so be sure that you really want to delete the item before clicking the Remove button.

Remove a saved address

Use Autofill in Firefox

Once you have the details saved to your Firefox autofill settings, you should be prompted to use them when filling out your next form.

When you begin typing in a form field, you’ll see the autofill options appear in a small box. Select the item that you want to use, and the remainder of the fields will populate with the details you’ve saved.

Use autofill in Firefox

Keep in mind that you may come across a form here and there and find autofill not working. Mozilla states that certain types of websites (such as financial ones) will not use autofill.

If you’re also a Safari user on your computer or mobile device, you can use, disable, or edit autofill in Safari as well.

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