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Google Docs offers more font styles than what you see at first glance. If you want an elegant script or a monospaced font, here’s how to find and manage additional fonts.

How to View Available Font Styles in Google Docs

When you want to change the font style in Google Docs, use the Font drop-down box in the toolbar. (This is also the same spot where you can access the additional font styles.)

Click the “Font” drop-down and pick the “More Fonts” option.

You’ll then see a pop-up window where you can find, add, or remove the fonts in the drop-down list.

Available Fonts in Google Docs

Use the Search box at the top left if you have a particular font style in mind. You can search for a specific name (like “Courier,” for example) to see whether it’s available, or you can enter the description of a font style (such as “script” for script-style fonts or “mono” for monospaced fonts).

Search for fonts

In the first drop-down menu to the right of the search, “Scripts,” you can select fonts for languages that use different writing systems. So if you need Japanese, Greek, or Thai scripts, you’ll find them here.

In the “Show” menu, you can filter font styles by “Display,” “Handwriting,” “Monospace,” “Serif,” or “Sans Serif.”

Finally, in the “Sort” menu, you can sort the fonts by popularity, alphabetical order, date added, or what’s trending. This is a great way to see newly added fonts (if you sort by “Date Added”) or what’s hot right now (if you sort by “Trending”).

How to Add or Remove Fonts on Your List

When you see a font that you want to use, just click it. A check mark will be placed next to it, and it will be added to the list on the right labeled “My Fonts.”

If you’d like to remove an item from your “My Fonts” list, click the “X” beside it.

When you finish finding, adding, or removing fonts, click “OK.”

The changes that you make to “My Fonts” are reflected in the “Font” drop-down box in the toolbar. Use this drop-down list to choose the font that you want to use in your current document.

Select a style from the Font drop-down

You may notice that there are several fonts in this list, such as Arial and Times New Roman, that cannot be removed. These standard font styles are included by default.

Now that you know exactly where to find them, remember that you can also set any new font you find as your default font in Google Docs. Happy writing!

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