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When you have dozens of tabs open in a Safari window, it becomes difficult to find a specific tab in the tab bar. Here’s how to quickly search open tabs within the current window in Safari on Mac.

Searching Tabs Using “Tab Overview”

Safari’s Tab Overview screen (similar to the tab switcher on iPhone and iPad) includes a built-in feature that lets you search through all the open tabs in the current window. The only drawback is that if you have multiple Safari windows open, you’ll have to perform this action in each window.

To get started, open Safari on your Mac and visit several sites in multiple tabs. Then, click the Tab Overview button (which looks like one square overlapping another) in the top-right corner of the Safari window.

(Alternately, you can select View > Tab Overview in the menu bar or press Shift+Command+\ on your keyboard.)

You will now see all your open tabs in a grid view that Apple calls “Tab Overview.” If you’re using a modern version of Safari on your Mac, you’ll see a “Search Tabs” bar in the top-right corner.

(If you don’t see the search bar there, scroll up to reveal it. We recommend that you update Safari immediately because using an older browser is a huge security hazard.)

The "Search Tabs" bar in Safari's Tab Switcher on Mac

On the Tab Overview screen of Safari 14 and up, simply start typing the name of the website or the title of the page that you’re searching for—there’s no need to click the search bar. On older versions of Safari, you’ll need to click the search bar first or press Command+F.

Safari will instantly start filtering your results. When you find the tab you’re looking for, click its thumbnail to switch to it.

Search Open Tabs in Safari for Mac

Use it as much as you’d like to search through your tabs. If you use Safari as the default browser on your iPhone or iPad, this feature is available in the mobile version of Safari as well!

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