iPhone User Flipping Image in Photos App

Sometimes you end up taking photos that are mirrored horizontally. This is quite common when you take selfies. Want to change the direction of a photo (or a face)? Here’s how to flip photos on iPhone and iPad.

The photo editor on the iPhone and iPad comes with a built-in tool for flipping photos horizontally (sideways). It’s the fastest way to flip mirrored selfies. But if you want to flip photos vertically (upside down), you’ll need to use a free third-party app like Photoshop Express. We’ll cover both methods below.

Mirror Photos Horizontally Using Photos on iPhone and iPad

The built-in Photos app on the iPhone and iPad hides quite a robust photo editor. One of its hidden features is the flip images button.

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To get started, open the photo that you want to flip on your iPhone or iPad. Then, from the top, tap the “Edit” button.

Tap Edit from Photo

From the bottom toolbar, go to the Crop section.

Tap Crop Button

Here, tap the Flip Horizontally button from the top-left corner of the screen.

Tap Flip Image Button

The image will be flipped instantly.

Mirror and Flipped Image in Photos App on iPhone

Tap the “Done” button to save the image.

Tap Done to Save Flipped Image

By default, your iPhone or iPad will overwrite the original image. If you want to save the mirrored photo as a new image, we suggest that you duplicate the original image first.

Flip Photos Using Photoshop Express on iPhone and iPad

Photoshop Express is a feature-rich photo editing app on your iPhone or iPad. In some ways, you can think of it as the mobile version of the Photoshop app. While many of its pro features are hidden behind a subscription, you can use the free version to make simple edits.

One of the features available on the free version is the ability to flip images both vertically and horizontally.

To get started, open the app and give it permission to access your photos. Now, from the Home tab, go to the “Edit” section. Here, choose the photo that you want to edit.

Select Photo to Flip from Photoshop Express

From the photo editing view, go to the “Crop” tab. From here, choose the “Rotate” option. Swipe left to see the “Flip Horizontal” and “Flip Vertical” options.

Flip Photo Options in Photoshop Express

Now, you can flip the image as you please.

Flipping Images in Photoshop Express on iPhone

Once you’re done, tap the “Share” button from the top toolbar.

Tap Share From Photoshop Express

Here, tap the “Camera Roll” button. The flipped image will be exported and saved to the Photos app.

Tap Camera Roll to Save Image

Want to use Photoshop features on your iPhone or iPad? Here’s everything you need to know about Adobe Photoshop’s mobile apps.

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