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If you use Safari as your default browser on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you don’t need a third-party read-later service like Pocket. You can use Safari’s built-in Reading List feature to save articles to read later in a distraction-free environment.

How to Use Reading List in Safari for iPhone and iPad

Safari’s Reading List feature syncs all saved articles across all your devices, so you can save an article on your Mac and read it on your iPhone or iPad at your leisure.

You can save both open articles and links to the Reading List. To get started, open the Safari app on your iPhone or iPad, and open the page that you want to save for later.

Then, tap the Share button from the toolbar.

Tap Share from Safari

Choose the “Add to Reading List” option. This method will also work in apps that use Safari’s in-app browser.

Tap Add to Reading List from Share Sheet

To quickly add the current page to the Reading List, simply tap and hold the Bookmarks button and choose the “Add to Reading List” button from the pop-up.

Add to Reading List Shortcut

You can also press and hold a link and choose the “Add to Reading List” option to quickly add any link to the Reading List without having to open it first.

Tap Add to Reading List from Popup

You’ll find all your Reading List articles in a separate tab in the Bookmarks section. To get there, tap the Bookmarks icon from the toolbar.

Tap Bookmarks Button in Safari

Switch to the Reading List tab (the one that looks like a Glasses icon). On your iPad, this will show up in the sidebar.

Reading List Tab in Bookmarks

You will see all your saved pages or articles here. Just tap on a page to open it in Reader View. Here, you can customize the font, font size, and background color.

Reading List in Safari for iPhone

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Once you’re done reading a saved article, you can go to the bottom of the page and swipe up to load the next article.

Next Saved Article in Reading List

To delete a single page from the Reading List, swipe left on the page title and tap the “Delete” button.

Tap to Delete Page from Reading list

If you want to delete multiple pages together, tap the “Edit” button from the bottom of the page.

Tap Edit from Reading List

Then select the pages that you want to delete and tap the “Delete” button.

Select Pages and Tap Delete

How to Use Reading List in Safari for Mac

While the process of using the Reading List is different for Safari on Mac, you’ll find the same feature set here.

On your Mac, open the Safari app to get started. Then open the page that you want to save for later. Here, go to the URL bar and tap the little “+” button to add the page to the reading list.

Alternatively, you can click the Share button from the toolbar before clicking the “Add to Reading List” button to save the article.

Add to Reading List from Share Menu

You can also add any link to Reading List. Simply right-click the link and choose the “Add Link to Reading List” option.

In Safari for Mac, you’ll find the Reading List feature in the sidebar. First, click the Sidebar button from the top toolbar.

Open Sidebar in Safari

Here, go to the Reading List tab.

Reading List Tab in Safari Sidebar

You will now see a list of all saved articles. Click an article to open it in Reader View. From here, you can change the article text size, font, and background theme.

Reading List and Reader View in Safari for Mac

To remove a page from the list, right-click and choose the “Remove Item” option.

Remove Item from Safari Reading List

If you’re using Safari 14.0 and higher, you can access the Reading List from the new customizable start page as well.

Reading List in Safari Start Page

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How to Use Reading List Offline on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

By default, the Reading List feature doesn’t download the articles for offline use. If you want to read articles during your commute, this might be a problem. Luckily, there’s a setting that enables the offline feature for Reading List.

On your iPhone or iPad, open the “Settings” app.

Visit Settings on iPhone

Go to the “Safari” section.

Tap Safari from Settings

Then, from the “Reading List” section, toggle on the “Automatically Save Offline” option.

Tap To Enable Offline Reading List

You can enable the same feature for Mac as well.

After opening Safari on Mac, click the “Safari” button from the top menu bar and choose the “Preferences” option.

Navigate to the “Advanced” tab and enable the “Save Articles for Offline Reading Automatically” option.

Enable Reading List Offline Mode in Safari for Mac

Now you’re all set. All the articles that you save for later will be downloaded to your device. Happy reading!

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