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Not all web pages are created equal. Some web articles contain unnecessary formatting and media. Safari’s Reader Mode on iPhone, iPad, and Mac cleans up the article text. You can even set the feature up to automatically open all articles directly in the Reader View.

Turn on Reader View on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

If you’re new to Reader Mode, here’s the rundown. When you open a supported page (most articles on the web are supported) on Safari for iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you will see an “aA” button in the URL bar.

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On your iPhone or iPad, simply tap and hold this button to enter Reader View. You can also tap on the “aA” button and choose the “Show Reader View” option.

Enable Reader View on Particular Website in Safari

On your Mac, the Reader View icon looks like a web page. You’ll find it on the left edge of the URL bar.

Once you enter Reader View, you will only see the article text and images—and nothing else. Mac, Chrome, and Firefox have their own reader modes.

Reader View in Safari

You can improve your reading experience by increasing the font size or changing the font or theme.

Customizing Reader View in Safari for Mac

Automatically Open Articles in Reader Mode on iPhone and iPad

Once you start using the Reader View feature, you are bound to wonder, “Why can’t all articles look like this?” While you can’t change how websites are designed, you can have Safari load up every article automatically in Reader View.

What’s cool is that this even works in an app that uses Safari’s built-in browser. So, for instance, if you tap a link in the Twitter app, it will open directly in Safari’s Reader View.

You can enable this feature from Settings. On your iPhone or iPad, open the “Settings” app to get started.

Visit Settings on iPhone

Choose the “Safari” app.

Tap Safari from Settings

Now, go to the “Reader” section.

Tap Reader from Safari

Toggle on the “All Websites” option.

Enable Reader View for All Websites in Safari

Now, when you open any web article in Safari, it will open directly in Reader View.

Safari also lets you exclude particular websites from the automatic Reader View feature. To do this, open the website that you want to exclude, and then tap the “aA” button. Here, choose the “Website Settings” option.

Go to Website Settings in Safari

Now, tap the toggle next to the “Use Reader Automatically” option to disable the feature for the website.

Disable Reader View for The Website in Safari

You can view a list of all the websites that are excluded from Reader View by going to Settings > Safari > Reader. Here, you can reenable websites if you want.

Enable or Disable Reader View for Websites

Automatically Open Articles in Reader Mode on Mac

The process for enabling Reader View for all articles is different on Mac. On your Mac, open the Safari app. Then, click the “Safari” button from the top menu bar and choose the “Preferences” option.

Go to the “Websites” tab and select the “Reader” option from the sidebar.

From the bottom of the window, click the dropdown next to the “When Visiting Other Websites” button and choose the “On” option.

Enable Automatic Reader Mode for Safari on Mac

Now, all supported articles will automatically open in Reader View.

If you want to disable this feature for a particular website, open the website in Safari, right-click the Reader View button from the URL bar, and then uncheck the “Use Reader View Automatically on (Website Name)” option.

Disable Automatic Reader Mode for Website in Safari for Mac

If you want to see a list of all websites where you have disabled this feature, you can go to Safari Preferences > Websites > Reader. From here, you can reenable the feature for particular websites.

All Websites With Reader Mode Settings in Safari for Mac

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