Got some great family photos and looking for a way to make nice collage wallpapers for the upcoming holidays? See how easy it is to do at the Photovisi website.

Creating Your New Collage Wallpaper

Once you browse to the website it is very easy to get started by clicking on “Click here to start!”.

Once you have clicked through you will need to choose a template for your collage. You can see all of the available choices here…

We chose the four “photo” option… As soon as you click on a template you will be directed to the next window.

For our particular template selection this is what our “work area” looked like.

There are options to set your background to a favorite color or insert a background image…

When you are ready to start adding images to your collage click on “Add photos” and browse to where your images are stored.

For our example we chose four ocean/beach-side images…you might have to experiment around with “image selection order” to get the arrangement that you like best (if you choose all images at once like we did).

Clicking on an image will select it (each corner will have a little black box on it). If you decide to crop an image this is what the “work area” will look like. Deleting an image is also easy to do…click on it to select it and click “Delete photo”.

When you are finished with your new collage wallpaper click on “Save”.

When your new collage is finished you will see the following webpage. At first you may be wondering where the link for your new collage wallpaper is…it will be in the upper left corner. You will have the option to order items such as postcards, mugs, etc. if desired…but your wallpaper is free.

A closer look at the download link…the final size will be “1024 x 768 pixels”. Unfortunately at this time there is no option to select a different size…

Your final image will be in a “.jpg” format…

The Final Result

Here is our collage wallpaper open in Paint.NET…”think warm beaches and summer breezes…”.


Even though there is only one wallpaper size available at the moment, Photovisi can provide a quick and easy way to add your favorite family photos to your desktop in style for the upcoming holidays or year-round.


Visit the Photovisi Website

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