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From beloved classics to brand-new original movies, Hulu has a range of comedies that span decades and styles, overlapping with other genres like romance, drama, and family. Here are 10 good comedy movies to watch on Hulu.

Update, 5/26/23: We’ve reviewed our guide and checked for dead links.


Tom Hanks’ journey to becoming an American national treasure took a major step forward with crowd-pleasing comedy Big. Hanks plays a 12-year-old boy in a grown-up’s body, after a casual wish brings unexpectedly real consequences.

Hanks captures childlike wonder and goofiness as Josh, who gets a job at a toy company thanks to his expertise about what kids like. Big is full of iconic feel-good moments, including Hanks and Robert Loggia (as the company president) dueting on a giant piano, and it successfully mixes kid-focused silliness with a thoughtful message about maturity.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie

Even if you’ve never seen long-running animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers, you can find plenty to enjoy about The Bob’s Burgers Movie. It’s a charmingly low-key adventure for the Belcher family, who own a modest burger restaurant in a seaside town. There’s a murder mystery and a financial crisis for the restaurant, but even with those higher stakes, the movie isn’t much more than an extended episode of the series.

That’s a good thing, since the series is funny and endearing, with colorful, creative animation and engaging voice performances. The movie has all of that, plus a few musical numbers.

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Groundhog Day

A misanthropic weatherman is stuck in a time loop in classic comedy Groundhog Day. Phil Connors (Bill Murray) comes to the small Pennsylvania town of Punxsutawney to report on the annual Groundhog Day celebration, only to find himself waking up on that same miserable day over and over.

Murray’s deadpan humor is perfect for the mix of slapstick comedy and existential crisis, and director Harold Ramis keeps finding clever ways to portray the same basic events. Andie MacDowell adds some sweetness as Phil’s charming producer, who might be perfect for him if he can get over his cynicism.

Official Competition

Most showbiz satires focus on bloated, big-budget Hollywood productions, but the Spanish comedy Official Competition targets pretentious arthouse filmmakers with the same ruthless humor. Eccentric, award-winning director Lola Cuevas (Penelope Cruz) insists on casting a pair of temperamental actors with opposing styles.

Highbrow stage actor Ivan Torres (Oscar Martinez) clashes with Hollywood star Felix Rivero (Antonio Banderas) as Lola puts them through a series of absurd rehearsal exercises. The battle between artistic ambition and personal egotism provides plenty of dark humor.

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Palm Springs

One of Hulu’s most successful original movies, Palm Springs is a charming sci-fi comedy starring Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti as a pair of wedding guests caught in a time loop. As they attempt to escape from repeating the same hectic day over and over again, the main characters get to know each other and fall in love. It’s a snarky but heartfelt comedy about finding an unexpected soulmate.

Plan B

Combining social commentary with raunchy teen comedy, Hulu original movie Plan B maintains its vibrant sense of humor even while dealing with serious issues. After an ill-advised sexual encounter, straitlaced teenager Sunny (Kuhoo Verma) enlists her free-spirited best friend Lupe (Victoria Moroles) on a quest across their home state of South Dakota to acquire a morning-after pill.

It’s an energetic road-trip comedy, a touching coming-of-age story, and a timely examination of the perils of being a teenage girl in America.

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Save Yourselves!

A pair of Brooklyn hipsters are stymied by both the wilderness and an alien invasion in sci-fi comedy Save Yourselves! Su (Sunita Mani) and Jack (John Reynolds) travel to an isolated cabin to unplug and destress, only to discover that extraterrestrials have attacked the planet while they weren’t paying attention. The aliens are deadly but ridiculous-looking, making for an amusing contrast as Su and Jack attempt to figure out what’s going on while running for their lives. The movie skewers millennial self-involvement while also functioning as a suspenseful sci-fi adventure.

That Thing You Do!

Tom Hanks made his writing and directing debut with the infectious, upbeat musical comedy That Thing You Do! He also co-stars as the no-nonsense manager of a small-town rock group in the early 1960s. The Wonders are a quartet of wide-eyed young men who score a hit with their catchy title song, sending them on a whirlwind tour of the highs and lows of rock stardom.

Hanks captures the excitement and creativity of early rock and roll, while also delivering a fun, character-driven coming-of-age comedy. Plus, the song is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days.

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There’s Something About Mary

Brothers Peter and Bobby Farrelly combine their lowbrow vulgarity with romantic comedy in the mega-hit There’s Something About Mary. Cameron Diaz plays the title character, who’s the object of infatuation for multiple men. Ben Stiller and Matt Dillon are among the men vying for her attention via lies and manipulation, putting themselves in various humiliating, often disgusting scenarios.

Through all its infamous gross-out moments, the movie remains surprisingly heartwarming, with Diaz as its bubbly, good-natured center.

Together Together

Although it’s a story about a single man and a single woman forming an unlikely bond, Together Together isn’t a romantic comedy. It’s more a gentle comedy of friendship, starring Ed Helms as a slightly awkward single man who decides to have a child on his own, and Patti Harrison as the woman he hires to be his surrogate.

Despite their very different lifestyles and aspirations, they grow closer as she carries his child, navigating a strange kind of relationship that is not quite romantic and not quite familial. Writer-director Nikole Beckwith celebrates pure platonic love with warmth and sincerity.

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